Just a few minutes of innate thinking made me realized a lifetime-worth of insights. Always remember that great things take time. I worked hard and attended dance workshops for my improvement. Time pressure did a great job screwing up my mindset then. It often overwhelms me when I realise how there are so much things to accomplish — yet so little time. I have flying dreams. We walked to get there, not expecting the slight downpour—the rain inAmericais very different from that in thePhilippines—as the afternoon soon came to twilight.

We would end up repeating the whole piece over and over again while there are mistakes. I am a profound being. I just want to ask what time you took your exam? It made me reminisce every happening in my life. Read some sample essays!

An ACET Sample Essay and Some Tips

How about receiving a customized one? I am the Chelsea morning sun that pours in your window. Notify me of new comments via email. It included a small paper which includes her phone number written in invisible ink—to test my smartness, she wrote—and paper airplane which included her letter for me.

Anyways, here’s a list of 3 ways we think you can best utilize and write your essay for your application: I was able to rise up from my failure and realise what I am capable of. But somehow I still can’t get away from this fear of failure and uncertainty.


Completely fill-up the application form, affix your signatures and attach all the required documents. I am intrigued by the mystery of death and infinity.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I tell the corniest jokes in class.

Application Tips | Ateneo de Manila University

A story is told of Alexander persoal Great undertaking the challenge of untying the Gordian Knot. I remember being in the U. I’m not good with priorities. Some of them actually got me thinking about what I had written. The amazing power of words has been used by notable figures in our society today and all throughout history. You are commenting using your WordPress.

acet personal essay format

But faith and having a healthy relationship with God was the strongest factor in defining myself. I chose the path to move on and grow.

My Ateneo Essay | The Randomness That Is Jello

S ome things take a year or two before you can get it right. This is for the Ateneo, my dream school.

You are commenting using your Google account. I ended up writing about an experience that opened doors for me to become a better person.

acet personal essay format

Trusting Him makes me confident with the problems I may face. All of us hurt others too. I play the guitar on Saturday mornings and serenade the Maya birds and the Santan flowers with Karen Carpenter.


Every one of us makes mistakes. However, all that changed when I attended a leadership training seminar. Meeting different people with different cultures taught me to be open-minded and selfless. I wonder which version was more pleasing to them though. It was arguably one of rssay most popular clubs in school and to have been affiliated to it was like a dream come true to students like me. At the beginning of my high school days, I met a lot of people that influenced my school life.

This has taught me to do my duties and tasks well, to care for the welfare of others, and it taught me to be able to lead rormat the greater good. I usually flrmat a research paper or English essay here and there. The world rssay a peculiar way of making me remember things.

acet personal essay format

Friday, August 14, Personal Essay for Ateneo. I never thought that a day would come that would add more color to my life.