The maps allow you to see and make comparisons about racial distribution among the various cities. Aka Jr, Ebenezer O. WP Company, 3 June Web. Spielman, Seth, and Patrick Harrison. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

This article provides more detail and evidence about the backgrounds of property value and race relations. This article provides insights on what affects the economy and rising prices. You are commenting using your WordPress. African Americans were the primary people in East Atlanta, East Lake, and Kirkwood but are now being kicked out because the whites are moving back in and raising the cost of living. Adelman, professors at Georgia State University discuss the reasons for gentrification in Atlanta.

These residences explain how they feel about the changes that have gone on, and we the viewers get to hear about new comers and those who have lived there for years. She then point out who is in charge of the gentrification occurring and who is benefiting from it. Resisting Bay Area Gentrification Works.

annotated bibliography gentrification

This article was written to inform the reader about the different possibilities and outcomes of Anbotated. With this in mind, he analyzes five Atlanta neighborhoods: One Comment Add yours Pingback: They have historic housing, and the residents are getting older, so there are chances for redevelopments.

Annotated Works Cited: Gentrification

This source seems extremely credible, Gammon is very well read and researched, rationalizing every statement with a legitimate source or core concept. Your email address will not be published.

annotated bibliography gentrification

Gentrificatioon find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A Survey of Strategies to. This is due to the higher property tax that comes along with the heightened property value. Guardian News and Media, 21 Mar. It also discusses how Atlanta has a wide black-white unemployment gap.


San Francisco Renters Confederation. This article gentrfication written for academics questioning gentrification in an attempt to convince them to help alleviate its negative impacts. Due to their obvious field of interest the CDC focuses on the health issues related to gentrification and the ways in which it can be prevented.

Annotated Bibliography – Gentrification in the Mission – Lost Culture

In part I of her article she focuses on exactly how the built environment regulates behaviors and in part II she gives examples of actions taken by police, residents, and politicians that have further divided cities. She uses examples of bridge designs, highways, and transportation systems as evidence. I would say that this source is fairly credible, it is lacking in support from trustworthy sources however it does maintain logical reasoning from one point to another throughout the entire piece.

He states that after seven years of a steady rise since the crash in houses are becoming affordable once more. He plans on providing new living situations by taxing new corporations that are entering San Francisco.

For example, because structural segregation leads to social problems it brings down the morale and values that are necessary for success, and now these neighborhoods are lacking good work ethic and formal education that in turn creates and endless cycle of poverty.


It is also the first article that provides concrete solutions on how to deal with gentrification and rent controllers. You also get a little bit of history on what the Mission used to be and what it is now. Gammon discusses the common misconception that gentrification is a racist movement.

annotated bibliography gentrification

He uses the information from the Census to make these maps. I refer to this article various times for it provides detail genrification background on how the assumptions that are being made about tech workers being at fault for gentrification are wrong. The goal of this article is to discuss the impact on gentrification on voter turnout in Atlanta neighborhoods.

This article is very credible, it is rooted primarily in first person accounts of bay area residents, which is arguably the most authentic information available to a researcher of gentrification. The maps are color coded by dots, and each dot represents one person. You gwntrification commenting using your Twitter account.

Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft – The Built Environment: Atlanta

This article could be useful to anyone studying one of the five mentioned neighborhoods as background knowledge. Brooklyn by the Bay. In conclusion, the find that gentrification decrease turnout among longstanding residents.