Slow sales have worried Rawlinson who was taught ‘think big’. The use of electronics has enabled the product to offer unique advantages, both in terms of features the use of indicator light to signal that required temperature has been achieved and in terms of installation. Branding and the Marketing program. Once the customer has ‘seen’ the benefits, the product is sold and the ‘love it’. Product and Brand Management. Final installation was usually carried out by the plumbers. Despite the above facts, Quartz has experienced poor sales and has not met the company’s expectations.

Masfiqur Rahman Surovi Alam Group 6. But, we have to account for the fact that Quartz is a genius in itself and a lot of effort and resources has been put into its development, creating a product that customers ‘want’. The managing director of Aqualisa, Harry Rawlinson, launched a new shower that is called Quartz. Based on the analysis, recommendations have been provided that will help Aqualisa in developing an effective marketing strategy. Following the description of the above customer categories is a discussion of the behaviour of plumbers, which is essential to understand the true nature of the market. They have effectively segmented their markets and have products that cater to each segment’s needs.

I believe that the best solution for Aqualisa is to focus on plumbers because they are the primary customers of trade shops which has the most sales volume in the U.

aqualisa quartz case study ppt

Hence, the company’s managing director, Harry Rawlinswon, a HBS graduate who has the ‘itch to think big’ is faced with many key decisions regarding the company’s marketing strategy. Simply a Better Shower. However, one incident in the case suggests that once a plumber installs Quartz he is immediately a ‘convert’.

Although they are not the end consumer, their role will be significant for Aqualisa when creating an effective marketing strategy.


Aqualisa Quartz Simply a Better Shower Strategic Marketing Case 2

The demonstration and presentation will be done by plumbers who used the product before. Slow sales have worried Rawlinson who was taught ‘think big’. quratz

Aqualisa should accept products that are returned within 6 months if there is any problem with installation or product without any conditions. But, we have to account for the fact that Quartz is a genius in itself and a lot of effort and resources has been put into its development, creating a product that customers ‘want’.

Simply a Better Shower. Aqualisa can reach and convince plumbers to use Quartz by implementing the followings: But, that was 20 years ago and we have seen a great deal of quarts advancement.

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It was developed after undertaking a thorough market analysis and identifying the problems in existing products resulting in a product that ‘customers actually want’ The product is offered in two models – the Quartz standard not requiring a pump to boost water pressure and Quartz Aqualisw including the pump.

Although the plumbers are not Aqualisa’s prime customers, they have huge influence on the individual market segment, especially the value and standard customers. Hence, ease of installation is very important to them. The Quartz was awarded the top prize at the Bathroom Expo and received great reviews from all reporters, who were enthusiastic about the ‘cleverness’ of the product and ‘elegant design’.

aqualisa quartz case study ppt

A few important facts can be seen from the table as below: As we can see, plumbers play a big mediator role in the distribution channel and reaching the end consumers. Rawlinson points out that targeting the customers directly with an ad campaign will cost about 3million to 4 million over two years and is very difficult for a company with net profit of about cse million.


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It highlights certain challenges that Aqualisa currently faces with Quartz and subsequently providing recommendations. The number of plumbers and developers should be identified as 5 plumbers and 5 developers from each city which will be total given 50 cities in the U.

Shower market is consists of customers who are quite uninformed about the showers and do aqualjsa the product options. As pointed out in the aquallsa, once plumbers use the new Quartz, they are immediately a convert i. Secondly, Aqualisa can look at market penetration for its Aquavalve brand and develop market in other regions or geographical locations. Lastly, consumers in the standard price range trusted an independent plumber to advise or aqualjsa a product for them.

However, Quartz flexibility of installation makes it a DIY product. Click here to sign up.

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My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. K Shower Market U. Since, price is very important to this category they do not like to spend money on solutions that require excavations as they would increase installation costs. While a firm pursues new markets studj existing products in market development, Aqualisa’s strengths lie not only in relationship with its existing markets being No.

aqualisa quartz case study ppt

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