Dudek KJ, Aquila R. Like all research has advantages and limitations of its application, and deserves the care needed when the search for generalizations. Stake [ 19 ] divides case studies into intrinsic, instrumental or collective designs. Zeitschrift Fur Gerontologie Und Geriatrie 39 3: Implementation of Clubhouse model programme:

In addition, there are also othersareas that have used case study methods extensively, particularly in government, managementsand in education. This characteristic was demonstrated in a Clubhouse case study conducted by Cowell et al. The case study crisis: On the other hand, there are also a number of case studies which seek evidence from both numerical and categorical responses of individual subjects such as Block, ; Hosenfeld, Furthermore, explanatory cases are also deployed for causal studies where pattern-matching can be used to investigate certain phenomena in very complex and multivariate cases.

Case Study As a Research Method&nbspCase Study

First, exploratory case studies set to explore any phenomenon in the data which serves as a point of interest to the researcher. Comparative Political Studies, 8, Peer support within clubhouse: Building on these activities, Clubhouse programs referred to as Transitional Employment Programs TEP are then tailored to support members who decide to seek work in the competitive job market [ 6 ].

Critical review of reading model and theories in first and second language Z Reswarch Jurnal Kemanusiaan 1 2 This would contrast with experiment, for instance, which deliberately isolates a phenomenon from its context, focusing on a limited number of variables Zaidah, A pilot study is considered an example of an exploratory case study Yin, ; McDonough and McDonough, and mthod crucial in determining the protocol that will be used.


The last half-century of psychiatric services as reseearch in psychiatric services. Decision models for the location of community corrections centers.

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A case study of reading strategies used by an individual subject, for instance, can give access to not only the numerical information concerning the strategies used, but also the reasons for strategy use, and how the strategies are used in relation to other strategies. Compliance with ethical guidelines Competing interests The authors report no conflicts of interest.

It also explores on the advantages and disadvantages of case study as a research method. A further consideration is promoting quality mental health research. With this in mind, a collaborative approach should methood planned, actioned and reflected upon when conducting any Clubhouse case study.

One of the reasons for the recognition of case study as a research method issthat researchers were becoming more concern Design and methods 2nd ed.

Case study as a research method. Data collected through observations are recorded to ascertain the language development of a child.

The use of advanced technologies in special education – Yin, Moore – However external validity can be stronger in multiple case study designs, and can be weak in randomized control trials. Hungerford C, Kench P. Help Center Find new research papers in: An overview of the case study project citing objectives, issues and background.

Lately, they have been successful. For instance, why does student A, age eight, fail to read when zaudah children at that age can already read? CASP ratings and notes were reviewed by all authors.


case study as a research method zaidah

To deliver the services involved, Clubhouses employ a complex mix of theory, programs and relationships, with this complexity presenting a number of challenges to those undertaking Clubhouse research. Triangulation provides checks and balances for the reliability of data collection [ 43 ].

To explore the strategies the reader uses, the researcher must observe the subject within her environment, such as reading in classroom or reading for leisure. Although case studies have various advantages, in that they present data of real-life situations and they provide better insights into the detailed behaviours of the subjects of interest, they are also criticised for their inability to generalise their results.

This could then potentially enable generalisation of findings to the Clubhouse model as a whole. Click here to sign up. This is because case study method, through interviews or journal entries, must be able to prove that: A case study might be interested, for example, in the process by which a subject comprehends an authentic text. Remember me on this computer.

case study as a research method zaidah

The comprehension strategies of second language readers. On the basis of the data, the researcher may then form a theory and set to test this theory McDonough and McDonough,