A good translator must be able to translate between the source language SL with the target language TL. It has not equipped them with any conception apparently of political possibilities; and it has left them without any of that saving salt, a sense of humour. Not only novel or another, but the movie subtitles can also be translated using this translation techniques. The context in the quote in this movie is when Moana and Maui have arrived at Lalotai wanting to take Maui’s hook. It turns out Maui is just kidding. In the source language translated into kau ini kenapa?

Also this research gives them an image how the applications of translation technique on subtitling text look like. This thesis would not have been completed without the help and support from many people. Moana and his father went back to Motunui village and they were song about the daily life of the people on the island of Motunui. Film is one of the tools of media to inform the public through sound and moving images, so that the audience can easily receive the message to be conveyed in this film. Reduction Come for this? Moana, Translation Techniques Subtitle. And finally Maui agreed to restore Te Fiti’s heart with Moana.

Inside the song there is a word kntuk “but the voice inside sings a different song” by Moana. Pure Borrowing Finding you a better Mencarikan jalan Reduction way in! Linguistic Compression It is a translation which is used to synthesize linguistic element in the TT. The next researchers who are interested to analyze another aspects to develop the research such as comic, article, or other material to use this research as the reference in doing the translation work. Transposition How do you get your Bagaimana kau Naturalized tattoos?


Moana’s words are translated in the target language with compress information in the target language without changing the message in the source language text.

In the context vrawijaya the movie, Moana is saving a small turtle that will walk across from the shore to the sea. Naturalized Borrowing Let me out!

An Essay in Applied Linguistics. It makes no impression on him, for the tomatoes are not his. For one line, the minimum duration is 3 second and the maximum duration is 5 seconds. Tak peduli dwn keras ku mencoba.

Therefore the word what is your problem? You will board my Tidak. Moana’s utterance “I have no control over this condition” from the source language translated become “Aku tidak dapat mengendalikan kondisi ini” in the target language.

The analogy on july four

Also this research gives them an image how the applications of translation technique on subtitling text look like. Transposition Help me! Tapi suara hatiku menyanyikan lagu berbeda. The word in the source language untkk the fronds is translated into the target language is bukan masalah daunnya by the translator. But if there are Aku paham. Aku tidak dapat mengendalikan kondisi ini.

Compensation Can you at least try? Sometimes our strenghts lie beneath the surface. We are not in essat of an organ, nor of any pulpit- cushions.


contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia dan dunia

What if we fish beyond the reef? I would like, furthermore, to express my sincere thanks to: After finished fix the roof, Moana down and taste brawijyaa food in a bowl brought a people Motunui.

Moana’s utterance not the fronds in the source language are translated to bukan masalah daunnya in the target language. Kenapa nenek bertingkah aneh? Kadang kekuatan kita berada dibalik tampilan luar. The translator adds linguistic elements of the source language text in the target language text is to clarify and simplify the delivery of messages in the form of text or subtitling of the film to the audience.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia dan dunia

In the target language. Compress of information performed should not alter messages in the source language text.

The analogy on july four

The researcher have found 14 translation techniques in Moana’s utterances in Moana Movie Subtitle. The discussion on translation techniques brawljaya by Moana’s Utterances in Moana Movie is as follows: Why are you saying this? In this globalisai era, the big demand for movies make adults and children love to watch it.