This essay was Presented by Prof. The Australian guilty of contempt of Victorian court. Australian Journal of Administrative Law. Federal Amber Jamieson Apr 26, Australian prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment births Living people Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by Victoria Australia Australian people convicted of murder People convicted of murder by Victoria Australia Criminals from Melbourne. Craig actively participates in the intellectual life of the community through his many publications and peer presented conference papers.

Also presented by Prof. Start your free trial. I would think that the victims of the crime do not need, and do not want to be reminded of it by seeing images, hearing the sounds and the commentary about their trauma. In the same year he was accepted as a PhD. Craig William John Minogue.

The Philosophical Studies major took an analytical, craug and historical approach to philosophy, the history of ideas, religious and science studies in relation to the nature of human existance, value, belief and purpose, and knowledge and belief.

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Politics for the Imprisoned is published as an ebook to make it available to the widest possible audience. Log in to keep reading.

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Retrieved from ” https: The coming of 5G will expose NBN to financial ruin. In this essay Craig questions how wrong criminologists have it when it comes to accepting prison and prisoner stereotypes and makes observations about the sexually violent argot of male prisoners.

Marngoneet is a medium security prison with an operational and philosophical focus on rehabilitative and addressing offending behaviour programs. Craig can be contacted via: We’ve known for a while that 5G would hurt NBN’s second-rate network — but now Telstra has provided figures on just how much damage it will do NBN’s business model.


Start your free trial. Craig has been in prison since and his earliest released date ishe is currently incarcerated at the Marngoneet Correctional Centre in Lara, Victoria Australia.

At the completion of the inquest the State Coroner found Corrections Victoria was, in miinogue words, “moribund and corrupt”. This essay was Presented by Prof.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Inafter it was revealed Minogue had applied for parole and following media and public pressure on the Victorian government, [7] Daniel Andrewsthe Premier of Victorialegislated to eliminate parole for persons convicted of killing a police officer.

This 27 March is the 30 th anniversary of the Russell Street bombing. Craig has put this learn to practical use when he: I have long ago apologised for, and said I am sorry, for the crimes Tbesis committed. This site aims to help Craig maintain and build a support network of academics and others who are interested in his academic work.

A book by Monash University academic and historian Dr. Views Read Edit View history.

In the same year he was accepted as a PhD. The craigg crimes Craig committed almost a generation ago, and which he is very much sorry for, are well documented in other places and will not specifically be dealt with here. The Comparative Studies in Art, Science and Religion major combined and cut across all the disciplines of the humanities to examine themes which a re central to all cultures in the modern world, such as who we are, what we believe, what we know, and how we represent these in art, writing, technology and every day practices.

I would think that the victims of the crime do not need, and do not want to be reminded of it by seeing images, hearing the sounds and the commentary about their trauma. Craig wants to make a positive contribution to the community when he is released.


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In a coronial inquest into deaths in the fire at the prison Minogue gave evidence over three days. Minogue who is the longest serving and most prominent jailhouse lawyer and imprisoned educator in Melbourne, Australia. This decision was widely criticized by academics and lawyers as promoting a lack of administrative transparency in the prison system and creating a situation where the rules that prisoners are supposed to abide by are concealed from them. Life imprisonmentwith a non-parole period of 30 years.

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Craig Minogue, political prisoners, imprisoned people acting politically, prison abolition Political Prisoners minoogue Australia? Free Trial If you are human, leave this field blank.

craig minogue thesis

The Australian has pleaded guilty to charges of contempt of court after it published a series of articles detailing CFMEU boss John Setka’s now dropped blackmail charges. This essay examines the practice by Correctional authorities in allowing tour groups of university students and others to visit prisons and view prisoners as if they were exhibits in a zoo.

This essay exposes the story of a prisoner at Barwon Prison who suffered the onset of a brain tumour in a cell for 40 hours before medical treatment was provided only after threats of violence were made by prisoners.

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