Normal flora are of great importance to the body. Compare and contrast similarities and differences in the replication of a herpes simplex virus with a human immunodeficiency virus. Historically, scientists identified bacteria using criteria such as shape, cell wall, and movement. A certain type of bacteria called Escherichia coli E. In cases of serious infections, bacteria then might spread to other parts of the body.

Although this mode of transmission is not agreed upon, the United States government has strict regulations concerning the importation of cattle and beef from other countries. In fact, billions of bacteria live on and in your body. Flagella help prokaryotes to move toward light, higher oxygen concentration, or chemicals such as sugar or amino acids that they need to survive. Identify the controls and variables in your experiment. These are called normal flora. Streptomycin, bacitracin, tetracycline, and vancomycin are commonly prescribed antibiotics that were originally made by bacteria.

In the evolving battle against viruses, the potential of these molecules is great.

Chapter Bacteria and Viruses

What data could scientists use, under the biological species concept, to show that they are the same species? Prior to the discovery of BP5, molecules were not considered for drug development because many scientists did not think they disrupted the interactions of large proteins. STEP 4 Label the tabs as illustrated.

The diagraam cold and influenza are two examples of widespread viral worksheeet that are active infections. An endospore can be thought aorksheet as a dormant cell. Give one justification bacetria why a farmer might plant beans in the fields when not growing other crops. Error Analysis Compare and contrast the observations and measurements collected by your group with the data from the experiments designed by other groups.


The viral genes instruct the host cell to manufacture more viruses. Spherical or round prokaryotes are called cocci KAHK ki singular, coccusrod-shaped prokaryotes are called bacilli buh SIH li singular, bacillusand spiral-shaped prokaryotes, or spirilli spi RIH li singular, spirilliumare called spirochetes SPI ruh keets.

All eubacterial cells have peptidoglycan in their cell walls.

Hypothesize why a flu epidemic eventually stops instead of eliminating all human life. Many heterotrophic eubacteria are saprotrophs, or saprobes. Chapter 20 Fungi ” ‘ DEA The Kingdom Fungi is made up of four phyla based on unique structures, methods of nutrition, and methods of reproduction.

Later, it was discovered that they were prokaryotes and they were renamed cyanobacteria. Prions normally exist in cells, although their function is not well understood.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 18-1 classification of bacteria by shape and number answers

Real-World Reading Link What do yogurt, cheese, and strep throat have in common? What is the likely cause of tooth decay?

Chapter 18: Bacteria and Viruses

doagram Prusiner first identified that the infectious particle was a protein. Which taxon gives you the most general information about an organism? Which is the correct identification for the bacteria shown above? How do animal cells compare to the cells of bacteria? Halophiles have several adaptions that allow them to live in salty environments.


How could this diagnosis be confirmed?

critical thinking diagram worksheet 18-1 classification of bacteria by shape and number answers

Antiviral Tactics Though all viruses have different life cycles, they all share some common stages: The virus attaches to the host cell using specific receptors on the plasma membrane of the host.

In humans, some diseases, such as those listed in Table Many scientists think that prokaryotes were the first organisms on Earth. Virus structure Figure Which structure classififation the capsid of a virus? Open Ended What types of arguments do you think biologists use when they say bacteria were the first organisms on Earth? Prokaryotes have a variety of survival mechanisms. Bacteria also can cause disease in plants, and most plants can become infected. Viruses that replicate by the lytic cycle often produce active infections.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 18-1 classification of bacteria by shape and number answers

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