A long experiment occupies 2 hours in the lab and is then written up as a report. Report any faults in the equipment which you use. Your feedback is essential for informing the development of the Tripos. In the integrated electrical project, students work in pairs to design, build and test an AM radio. We appreciate that it can feel like you are being bombarded with requests to complete surveys see our page on student surveys and giving feedback on the course for details of the feedback mechanisms which the Department particularly values.

This must take place within 15 days of the date of the experiment. All students should do this, and browse the project documentation on the Moodle site, during the afternoon of Wednesday week 0. How to read the lecture card. Statement on Tripos transparency. The material should not be redistributed by the students in any circumstances. This schedule allows LT0 to empty and refill at 11am. All the apparatus you need should be present; if it is not ask a demonstrator.

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Work submitted for marking must be that of the student who submits it, as defined in the plagiarism, cooperating and cheating guidelines.

Part IA syllabuses; links to on-line resources.

cued part 1a coursework

The final coursework mark is calculated by subtracting from the total raw mark. Archive of SSJC minutes. Any urgent problems with an experiment or exercise should be reported to a demonstrator or the lab leader in charge of the laboratory.

Lego Mindstorms Dimensional analysis Statics experiment Exposition. Mechanics 16 lectures Mechanical vibrations 12 lectures Thermofluid mechanics 24 lectures. Students who fail to reach the qualifying marks, or who fail to attend or hand in certain coursework, will have the shortfall deducted from their total in the Tripos.


Achievement of the general objectives is dependent on an undergraduate reaching detailed objectives set for individual activities of the course. Charts and other records should be glued or stapled into your notebook. Students who submit the work of others as their own will have their reports referred to the appropriate authorities.

The lab record and long report It is essential that you bring your lab notebook with you whenever you are timetabled to perform a long experiment. The Michaelmas Term part of the course involves 12 activities for self-study, and each activity has exercises to be completed. See additional course costs for details of the drawing equipment that students are expected to have.

In Parts IA and IB, all coursework is for standard credit, which means that once students achieve a satisfactory standard in the various groups of activities the associated marks are capped at the qualifying level. In addition, each student is required to give a short minute ccued on technical material and to take part in a debate on a current technical topic, or other appropriate activity.

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These are listed in the syllabuses for each series of lectures and the instruction sheets for coursework. Both will cover the same syllabus, and will use the same examples papers. If you need advice on a particular aspect of your report or you are otherwise held up on 1s point, then seek help. Do not use loose sheets of paper: Coursswork Lent Term activity is a group exercise, with students working in pairs.

Students are also strongly encouraged to become student or affiliate members of the professional institutions which particularly relate to their interests. How to read the lecture card.


When there are several readings to enter, arrange these in tabular form, and make sure that the column headings show the quantity measured and the units used.

The computing course is examined in Paper 4 Mathematical Methods. Tripos classes and details of marks are notified to undergraduates through CamSIS or by their Colleges, and progress with coursework is parrt by staff marking individual coursework activities. Part IA coursework and examination credit notice. It is essential that you bring your lab notebook with you coursewori you are timetabled to perform a long experiment.

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This schedule allows LT0 to empty and refill at 11am. Lectures run from five minutes past the hour to five minutes to the hour, with the following exception:. We courseeork that your time in the Department goes smoothly, but there may be occasions when you need additional support for academic, personal, health-related or practical reasons.

The project begins with a timetabled lecture for all coursdwork towards the end of Michaelmas term, and has a concentrated period of laboratory activity in the Lent Term. If all faults are speedily reported you should seldom find faulty equipment. However, discussing your work with colleagues, supervisors or demonstrators is encouraged and can bring about improvements to the standard of the report you submit. Associated paper Experiment number and cueed Long or short Mechanics:

cued part 1a coursework