He brought us a hog as a present, and Mr. It is only the aljuse of them that is favo. This argument produced an. Marsden now’ made all the necessary preparations to establish the settlement; and to contribute still more to 22 X’OYAGE TO its success, came to the resolution of accom- panying- tlie members of it himself, in order to superintend their labours, until they should be enabled themselves to proceed with facility. That a man coaid be found vile enough to shut out, by such means, the light of civilization and improvement from the children of dark- ness and error, is not only a disgrace to the species, but even a reproach to human nature itself ; yet too true it is that there are, at this moment, many such men at the colony, and some even w’ho assume the rank and charac- ter of gentlemen.

After passing the stony beach on which we landed, we ascended the hill, and at the foot of it ob- served a small enclosure neatly fenced in with sticks and reeds; it appeared well cultivated, as the earth had been recently dug over, and was probably planted with potatoes. Marsden — Mission to New Zealand proposed by him to t! His complexion was not darker than that of the natives of Spain or Portugal, and in general the lineaments of his countenance assumed the European character. But while my mind was thus agitated with the reflections produced by this. These savage warriors, amounting to about a ‘hundred and fifty of as fine men as ever took the field in any country, were encamped on a hill which rose in a conical shape to a considerable height ; and the many imposing singularities they presented, were such as to excite a particular interest in the VOE. How he got to New Zealand, or what induced him to settle there, I was never able to discover ; but 1 should suppose a mind like his must have had a considerable struggle before he resolved on fixing himself among a people, who, in all their attainments, were inferior to his own. Now, that this is a kind of baptismal ceremony, no one I think will dispute ; but how it came to be introduced among them, I am wholly at a loss to determine ; nor shall I, in this place, venture to hazard any opinion of my own upon it.

ProbabI ‘ I have not consulted the good taste of my reader, in dw’elling so long on these scenes; but it is difficult for the votary of unaffected Nature to w’itldiold his admira- tion, when she presents herself in all the simplicity of innocence, and all the imposing grandeur of dignified sublimity. This disagreeable complaint had a strange effect on poor Mr. This part, named by Tasman Cape Maria Van Dieman, is the most western point of a peninsula, which extends directly north-west seventeen leagues, lying in Lat.

Doctors Psychologists Educationalists Graduates in motor science Rehabilitation therapists. On descending the hill, I was frequently indebted to the young chief for his obliging assiduities ; wherever there was the least difliculty, he was VOYAGE to sure to lend me liis prompt assistance, and never could the most polite beau be more attentive to a lady, than he was to me on this occasion.

Two ranges of high mountains running in a parallel direction with it, as far as the eye can reach, form a most interesting contrast with the numberless small hills which rise below them, VOYAGE TO and are always clothed with the freshest verdure; while a variety of little islands, detached from each other but mingling with the scene, guard, as it were, the openings of the different harbours, and seem to rest beneath the wild projections of the coast in peaceful security.


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Many instances occurred in which these indications, though extremely ludicrous, were nevertheless pecu- liarly significant. William Hall, aged three years, son to ditto. The chiefs, three in number, were all standing up, and their warriors, seated round them, had their spears stuck in the ground, and seemed to behave themselves witli respectful obedience, paying every proper deference to their authority.

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That they might commence, on their landing, a species of trade with the inhabitants, he supplied them 20 VOYAGE TO with whatever articles he thought most pro- per to be exchanged, and gave them also some presents, which they were to make among certain individuals, as tlieir judgment might direct.

To proceed, while the chiefs entertained such unfavourable impressions respecting us, would be madness; and to be obliged to return, after we had made all the necessary preparations, which caused a very weighty expense, would be provoking in the extreme. Kendall and the New Zealanders, immediately landed.

In addition to those superstitions which have been suggested to them by their physical necessi- ties, they have many others, which have originated with the aftections of the mind: Marsden, rightly judging that supplying the wants of the natives gratuitously, would be attended with an exorljitant expense to the Society, and rather retard than promote the grand object of civilization, purchased the vessel to excite a spii’it of trade among them, and afford them continual opportunities of exchanging the valuable productions of their island for some of our connnoditie.

They tell you, that having, by some untoward casualty, lost his wife, he came down from heaven in the greatest consternation, to look for her, and, after seeking to no purpose in many other places, he was at length fortunate enough to find her in New Zealand, where she was straying about for a considerable time before. On our re- monstrating w’ith him on the absurdity and intmnvenience of his customs, he immediately censured some of our own as far more ridiculous, and many of his arguments were both rational and convincim.

To tins man also Mr. As for me, I had but a very slight attack, which I soon got over ; but the scenes of disgusting nastiness, which I was every where obliged to witness, were truly intolerable, and I longed, most impatiently, for the period that was to put an end tnpeee them.

After this god, follows Tnpee, a deity whose power and operations are rather limited. Every thing on board afforded matter of astonishment and curiosity to these rude sons ot nature. Certainly the conduct of sailors in general in this respect is liighly reprehensible, and I doubt not but ours af- forded sufficient cause to excite the suspicions of our savage visitors.

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They express it through their fingers, and I should suppose that the wine that might be made from it, would not be at all inferior to that which the elder-berry yields in oiir own country.


Among the persons admitted on board was a very fine young man, the son of a deceased chief, who possessed the principal authority in that part of the island near which we werfe lying. I regret to say that instances of unwarrantable depredations of this kind, are but too common among the commanders of vessels in general, who in their intercourse with savage nations, consider themselves exempt from the obser- vance of all laws either of equity or justice; and, plundering with insatiable rapacity, seem to think that ignorance of civilized customs should exclude mau from protection, and tliat honesty towards their rude fellow-crea- tm-es was never meant to be included in the compass of moral duties.

The camp at first sight presented a most singular apjjearance, and before the mind had time to reflect on the description of persons who composed it, all the grotesque combinations of barbarism arresting the ej’e in every direction, created ideas of surprise and astonishment.

He observed to him also, that they would be very glad if he would himself visit them occasionally: The rank which this young man held could he seen rather by the formalities to which I have alluded, and the respectful behaviour of his people towards him, than by any distinguishing mark in his dress, as he was attired exactly in the same manner as the others, and took an equal share with them in the labours of the paddle.

As our distance from it at the time could not have been less than four hundred and fifty miles, this was considered an excel- lent joke by his countrymen, who laughed heartily at it; nor, indeed, did I think it myself a bad specimen of that sly sort of humour, in which they all seem to delight.

Kendall was surrounded by a group of women and children, who seemed much pleased with their strange visitor. But they had nothing of this kind to dread from us, as we Avished rather to improve, than demolisli their wretched capital.

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They kept their eyes steadfastly fixed VOYAGE TO ou us all the time, and not a single occurrence escaped their observation ; while staring with surprise, they frequently called to those around them to look at the wonders we pre- sented. The fern is an invaluable production to these people, who subsist in a great measure on the.

Duaterra immediately recognized him, vite the moment he came on board behaved to him with particular respect, touching noses with him, the curficulum mode of salutation in this part of the world, when any honour is to be paid, and wliich he did not do with the other chief.

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This strange alteration was particularly observable in Duaterra, who, on all former occasions, was lively and communicative: Scarica Modulo Iscrizione lecture.