Development is no simple topic nor endeavor. The historical literature on bases is growing quickly, with an especially tight focus on the tense relationships between bases and their surrounding areas. Furthermore, there are additional issues seen in top-down development, one of formidable importance is that of corruption. While community development certainly did not achieve all that it sought to, it reshaped politics and development in a number of Third World countries, including the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Iran, Colombia, and Vietnam, not only spawning thousands of small-scale aid projects but also leading in some key cases to the democratization of local governments. But California was the extreme. But those familiar borders only held for four years. In its first twenty-five years it published only a single article on the Philippines, during which time it published three on Guatemala one-eighth the size and seven on France.

Historians have rightly come to understand such sovereignty challenges as important components of U. The comparison is enlightening. Citing articles via Web of Science The Greater United States: Foreign sources have been vital to my research because community development was a decidedly transnational movement.

There has been an accelerating avalanche of high-profile books on U. Benedict Anderson, Dissertagion Communities: More to the point, even as the United States was partially divesting from colonies, it was consolidating its investments in a new form of territory: Such an interest was not merely methodological: Perhaps not coincidentally, this was precisely the time when the Wisconsin School developed its understanding of U.

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The aid officials presiding over such projects, often experts on agriculture or rural society, entered the field of foreign relations with a set of preoccupations that differed from those of modernization theory.


But that fact can overshadow the territorial purgatory that future states occupied for long periods. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Nevertheless, the broad point that the continental and extra-continental populations were roughly equal holds under any reasonable accounting.

Foreign sources have been vital to my research because community development was a decidedly transnational movement.

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McCoy and Francisco A. My transnational evidence changes how we think about a number of important topics in twentieth-century history. The first arc in the history of the Greater United States, concerning western territories, is obviously central to any telling of U. The Architecture of U. United StatesU. With time, Indian Territory was whittled down to Oklahoma.

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Many of the most important books have been edited collections: With that, the United States was no longer a union of states alone but an amalgam of states and territorieswhich it has been ever since. In other words, if you looked up in late and saw the stars and stripes waving overhead, it was more likely that you lived in a colony or occupied country than that you lived on the mainland.

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Blaker, United States Overseas Basing: The logo-map silhouette was completed inwith the Gadsden Purchase. Living with the U.

daniel immerwahr dissertation

Real change and improvement, the primary goals of community development, are not going to come without facing the critical issues of its motives and implementation that Immerwahr underscores. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar.


Nationalism waxed, imperialism waned. immersahr

In collaboration with Third World policymakers, they designed a political project—community development—that came to hold sway throughout the global South in the s. The Library of Congress has accepted an estimate of one million Filipino fatalities, which also circulates didsertation the Philippines.

The figure I have given for the black population attempts to account for black people throughout the Greater United States, not just on the mainland.

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The War on Terror has drawn our attention to how crucial small overseas sites can be to the projection of power. Amy Kaplan and Donald Pease, eds. A key enabling move made by Williams and diwsertation Wisconsin School that continued his ideas was to refuse to limit discussion of empire to a discussion of colonies. Cayton, The Frontier Republic: In a show of true concern for his topic matter, Immerwahr has designated that dzniel proceeds from the sale of Thinking Small go toward the NGO The many islands claimed by the United States but not listed in the census all uninhabited are not included.

Citing articles via Web of Science