The numerous colonial wars and rebellions in different time periods in the various regions of the world are clear proof of strong resistance to European domination. Imperialism and Human Rights: Journal of Contemporary History 30, 4 , pp. However, the effects of the French Revolution were not only felt in the Caribbean. In view of the violent conflicts and the possibility that Spain might attempt to recolonize South America with the help of its European allies, the young republic of the United States adopted a clear foreign policy position. Once again, the American continent was the point of departure for this process. In South Africa, China, and Cuba, social and political revolutions pioneered by inspiring people occured.

Decolonization and African Independence: Through policy, and sometimes uniting a people, trailblazers changed the face and structure of their nation. Such a statement coming from an organization comprised and backed by countless nations surely stands its ground. Definition, Periodization and Models of Interpretation The term “decolonization” refers to the process whereby colonial rule dissolved in the periphery and in the metropole, with its various political, economic, cultural and social dimensions. In his State of the Union Address on December 2 , President James Monroe — declared US opposition to all future European colonial endeavours and attempts at intervention on the American continent. It now comprises a total of 54 member states, including the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique and the former Belgian colony of Rwanda.

dbq 23 decolonization and revolution essay

The future historian may regard as the greatest “revolution” of the twentieth century not Lenin’s overthrow of the short-lived free regime in Russia in Novemberbut the less conspicuous […] and, yet, more far-reaching process which brought Europe’s four hundred years old dominion of the globe to an end Hans Kohn, October In this ground-breaking document, the international dedolonization strengthened the right of nations to self-determination, while also condemning colonialism as a fundamental violation of human rights, thereby removing all justification for colonialism.


Encylopaedia Universalis 7p. Also, the vast mineral resources of the colonies were urgently needed for the economic regeneration of the metropoles after the destructive war.

Neither limited Soviet military interventions in TiflisBaku and Vilnius nor an attempted putsch against Gorbachev by the old Soviet cadres in the summer of were able to stop this process. Tan, Seng et al. An International History, —, London et al.

In his State of the Union Address on December 2President James Monroe — declared US opposition to all future European colonial endeavours and attempts at intervention on the American continent. India, fairly unfamiliar with outside involvement, now encouraged foreign investment.

Decolonization and Revolution Essay

Gandhi in many ways led Indians to Independence. In the area decolonizarion foreign policy, Gorbachev’s policy of “new thinking” aimed at a rapprochement with the West and peaceful coexistence in a shared “European house”. It was only as events progressed that resistance radicalized, and violent campaigns for independence developed.

dbq 23 decolonization and revolution essay

Human Rights in the Twentieth Century: Journal of Modern European History 4, 2pp. Cold War in Southern Africa: Moscow underlined its unrestricted leadership role with the Brezhnev Doctrine ofwhich stated that Soviet interference in the internal affairs of other socialist states was justified if the socialist community as a whole was threatened.

Mark Mazower et al.

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This was turned around deolonization he implemented many policy changes in India. The Afro-Asia bloc which formed in Bandung and out of which emerged the Non-Aligned Countries inbecame the international diplomatic spearhead dqb the fight against European colonialism and had its greatest effect in the context of the United Nations. Under the leadership of the freed slave Francois-Dominique Touissant Louverture — [ ]the black rebels ultimately succeeded in bringing the whole island under their control and in repelling Spanish, British and French invasions.


Nationalism and the Crisis of Empire —, in: The Decolonization of Portuguese Africa: At the same time the war had also placed decolonizationn severe financial burden on Great Britain — which had been victorious — a burden which was a central contributory factor in the financial crisis which triggered the American Revolution.

Gary Baines et al.

European Conquest and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Journal of World History 15, 1pp. Zoltan Barany et al. When in a ans and confusing time, Mubarak provided Egypt with a steady guiding hand.

South Africa is thus a special case in the history of decolonization. On the other hand, new states came into being on all of the continents, and in many cases adopted a political, social and economic system which was rooted in Europe.

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What causes and interpretations can be identified for the end of colonial rule? Journal of African History 26pp. Thomas, Martin, et al. This involved the division of the subcontinent along religious lines into the states of India under Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru —esay Pakistan under the founding father Mohammed Ali Jinnah — Their victory over European colonialism made the new Asian states important allies of the territories in Africa which were still under colonial rule and resulted in closer ties between anticolonial forces on the two continents.

Baines, Gary et al.

dbq 23 decolonization and revolution essay

Mandates and Empire in Africa: