He was subjected to a very violent campaign of antisemitic insults due to his being an Alsatian Protestant accused of being a deserter and tainted by the Prussians. He ended his military career as a colonel. In parallel, President Mazeau conducted an inquiry by the Criminal Division, which led to divestiture thereof “to not only leave it to bear alone all responsibility for the final decision,” so protecting the Criminal Division from actions arising from its report. On seeing letters from Esterhazy, Picquart realized with amazement that his writing was exactly the same as that on the “bordereau”, which had been used to incriminate Dreyfus. Despite the compliant silence of Mercier, Billot, Zurlinden, and Roget, who hid behind the authority of “already judged” and “state secret”, understanding of the affair increased. One of the missions of the section was to spy on the German Embassy at Rue de Lille in Paris to thwart any attempt to transmit important information to the Germans. The Dreyfus saga was the first legal ordeal to trigger a media feeding frenzy, and to view “J’accuse!

The goal was obviously political: There was indeed a strengthening of parliamentary democracy and a failure of monarchist and reactionary forces. In addition, the violent attacks against Zola and the injustice of the conviction of Dreyfus reinforced the commitment of the Dreyfusards. Antisemitism peaked in the press and occurred in areas so far spared. This being said the role of the press was limited by the size of circulation, influential in Paris but to a lesser extent nationwide. On the appearance of Dreyfus, emotions ran high.

Part of Jewish history Part of Discrimination. Incidents between the two lawyers for Dreyfus multiplied. The extreme right questioned the value of this testimony but most historians hold it to be a valid source despite some ambiguities and inaccuracies.

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Yet Dissertarion, despite the state-sanctioned efforts of the emancipation movementwere never truly accepted into society and were often laffare aliens and outsiders, [] even when they showed extreme devotion by fighting courageously in the wars of their respective countries. His work is the foundation of all subsequent historical studies. The interest of the book focuses on a strictly factual relating of the story with documented facts and multifaceted reflection on the different aspects of the event.


The court, in overturning the judgement, believed in the legal autonomy of the military court without taking into account the laws of esprit de corps.

Le procès Zola dans l’affaire Dreyfus

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. In fact, the reputation [33] of Dreyfus as a cold and withdrawn or even haughty character, as well as his “curiosity”, worked strongly against him. The request for review filed by Lucie Dreyfus could not be rejected. For the uninhibited growth of populist nationalism was another major result of the event in French politics even though it did not originate from the Dreyfus affair.

This new anti-Semitism, shouldered by the press became the main dissertatino for the right-winged nationalist parties; it played a major role in the division of French politics and was a major reason why the Dreyfus Affair politically divided France in such drastic way.

For the film series, see The Dreyfus Affair film series. Anti-Semitism only seriously escalated in the last quarter of the 19th century by reason of the harsh new economic and social reforms the government was carrying out.

The case was brought before the Assizes of Seine-et-Oise in Versailles where the public was considered more favourable to the army and more nationalistic. Can I hide their shame? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

Also there were very few demonstrations in the provinces while agitation persisted somewhat in Paris. These zoa stated the most extravagant facts and constantly falsified the truth in order to convince public opinion.


One of the missions of the section was to spy on the German Embassy at Rue de Lille in Paris to thwart any attempt to transmit important information to the Germans.

Dreyfus was informed of the arrest the same day by a police raid to search their apartment. Mathieu Dreyfusthe elder brother of Alfred, was convinced of his innocence. As Dreyfus loudly protested his innocence, the historian Paul Johnson writes, “an immense and excited crowd Death to the Jews. On dams Novemberthe two paths of investigation met latfaire a meeting between Scheurer-Kestner and Mathieu Dreyfus. Brainwashing of the French SR?

The letter was supposed to accuse Dreyfus dreyfu since, according to his accusers, it was signed with the initial of his name. Military witnesses at the trial alerted high command about the risk of acquittal. The latter finally received confirmation that Esterhazy was the author of the note. For my side I can not trust any of my chiefs who have been working on falsehoodsI ask for my retirement.

The law must stop sucking up to this ineffectual Prussian disguised as a French officer.

Le procès Zola dans l’affaire Dreyfus (Book, ) []

From this first hour the phenomenon occurred that will dominate the whole affair. In Paris the anti-Semitic and nationalist agitators of Auteuil were arrested.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

The jousting of the columnists took place within a broader debate about the issue of a closed court. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

A new court-martial was held at Rennes in The Army laid additional charges against Dreyfus, based on forged documents.