The main focus is on the twenty-one to twenty-four year old life stage which is marked by the straddling of adult responsibilities and more carefree times. It was targeted at teens and young adults. The Hispanic market is growing and there is a large soft drink consumption rate associated with the Hispanic market. All four contain caffeine and are of the citrus variety. Mountain Dew currently is the leader in the market of year olds.

According to the research by Foote, Cone and Belding, Squirt was more of a thirst quenching product then refreshing. One of the major problems with declining sales is the increase of Hispanic communities in markets that were previously popular markets for Squirt. We will write a custom sample essay on Dr. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! This leaves Squirt aiming at a mill of the run market without a strong definition of which age group they are aiming for and closed off from new emerging markets.

Coca-Cola also introduced Citra a sugared counterpart to Fresca in in southeastern and southwestern United States with peppet/7up towards Spanish speaking markets. It would also provide for the popularity of Squirt in Mexico to filter in to the U.

This is a good strategy because the targeted marketing does not conflict with the current marketing strategy, since the advertisements are localized.

Dr. Pepper/7 up Inc. Squirt brand Case Essay

There are three major competitors in the soft drink market Coca-Cola, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours The advertisements are not appealing to the suggested new modified target audience which should include Hispanics specifically in the states of California and Texas.

The production and distribution of soft drinks involve concentrate producers basic flavorsbottlers add sweetener and carbonated waterand d.


dr pepper/7up squirt case study

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. This group too has high soft drink consumption and also favors non-cola.

Another opportunity is the soft drink market in Mexico. Brooks Products also introduced Diet Squirt, which was the first soft drink in the U.

dr pepper/7up squirt case study

US consumers drink more carbonated soft drinks than they drink tap water. The foreseeable outcome in the future is that Hispanic populations stusy still on the rise and they are a huge market for Citrus flavored beverages.

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Focusing more on Sr, they have the highest consumer brand awareness among carbonated grapefruit soft drinks in the United States. This lends into the Squirt strategy of marketing to the younger target market. Consumer research conducted by Dr. Squirt has already been exposed to many Hispanics, primarily those of Mexican decent because of the popularity of the beverage in Mexico.

Data suggests that in U. The strongest point in helping position Squirt towards a new market is to concentrate on the advertising aspect drr a huge initiative in helping Squirt reach new markets and reinforce customer sentiment.

Nowadays, Squirt is bottled and sold by some Bottlers in the US. They also combine to be the third largest soft drink company in squirtt United States. Or what target market to choose?

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The problem facing Squirt is how they can effectively position their brand to increase sales peoper/7up well as capture the Hispanic consumer market without spreading their advertising dollars too thin. American consumes eight- ounce annually. According to the research by Foote, Cone and Belding, Squirt was more of a thirst quenching product then refreshing.


Squirt was xase advertising correctly to the main soft drink consumer age groups and possibly not appealing to many of them. Facts mentioned above in the situational analysis like that Hispanics are fast growing ethnic group in U. It was also pepepr/7up that per capita consumption of flavored soft drinks fase higher in Hispanics and African- American than the other racial groups.

Flavored soft drinks are beginning to become more popular due to the changes in the U. This gives Squirt the opportunity to target the Hispanic market efficiently by offering promotions and putting advertisements into community stores that have a high Hispanic areas.

Hence changing demographics have been critical factors in the growing popularity of these flavored soft drinks.

Dr Pepper – 7up, Inc. – Squirt Case

It was targeted at teens and young adults. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. In marketing ccase these sects based on their respective options there will be a growth in sales for Squirt by focusing on television advertisements and Hispanic pepper/7ul full page ads that are fully in Spanish.

This group likes to work hard and play harder. We will write a custom sample essay on Dr.