She is not at home on reception day. Kate Chopin allows Edna to more and more defy the role the male-dominated society forces upon her without any judgement or criticism. The image of the sea as seductive further lends credence to this idea as it provides a final escape from the struggle and despondency she cannot overcome. Feminists brought up the “gendered space” theory in their discussion of the novel. The rest of the week he spends in New Orleans pursuing his business affairs. Even at the end Edna is still fond of him, though she can no longer accept his authority.

This essay has been submitted by a student. Your essay sample has been sent. He is a business men, who eventually sells cotton and only spends the Sundays at Grand Isle. Since divorce was impossible for Roman Catholics, Edna could only escape her unsatisfying marriage abandoning her family and being an outsider to society. Edna Pontellier grows more and more independent.

Is Edna’s Suicide a Sign of Success or Failure?

Sign in to write a comment. Reception day was a social ritual – women visited each other and left their card behind.

Both main female figures in the novel, Mademoiselle Reisz and Madame Ratignolle, are presented as unfit role models for Edna, and with the option of living an awakened life with Robert abruptly closed off, she is left with only one option that will solve all her problems and fulfill her needs. We will occasionally send you essah related emails. Those she often used later in her short stories and in The Awakening. Next to the religious difference, Edna does not speak the French language very well.

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Pongellier criticism was not that harsh because Edna Pontellier is having sex out of marriage – that was an old theme – but that Kate Chopin did not condem her for that. In the progression of the novel it becomes clear that neither wife nor husband loves the other.

“The Awakening” by Kate Chopin – Edna Pontellier, a woman fated to die

Kate Chopin was a feminist, or at the very least she was not an advocate of her society. Even at the end Edna is still fond of him, though she can no longer accept his authority.

edna pontellier death essay

Therefore death is a forgone conclusion. Her sadness rose not from anything lacking in herself, but from the realization that her awakened self could not exist long in the still closed-minded Victorian world, especially alone.

edna pontellier death essay

She makes money at horse races; she finds somebody who buys pontdllier paintings; and she has a small inherence from her mother. Pontellier, though she had married a Creole, was not thoroughly at home in the society of Creoles [ Her financial independence marks the major break with the male-dominated society.

Growaw Personal Growth And Death Of Edna Pontellier In Kate Chopin’S The Awakening Essay

Multiple passages and ideas from the novel can be used to support deat view and in some cases, depending on interpretation, both. Creoles were descendants of former French or Spanish settlers; so they would speak French with each other and English with Edna – but Edna, however, does understand French when she is directly spoken to. When Edna steps out of her bathing suit to stand bare before nature she reaches the end of her journey toward self-actualization, for she has finally become the most she can be.


The novel can be divided into two sections — the summer at Grand Isle and autuum or winter in New Orleans, in the house in Esplanade Street and later the pigoen house. Do these opposing, pontelllier equally supported claims lessen the meaning of the book or destroy it esswy

Accessed 23 May As a consequence The Awakening was long forgotten and not on the American canon. This is also refelcted in her own life. Pontellier was the best husband in the world. On the surface she is the obedient wife, having given birth to two sons.

There are several instances in the final chapter where Edna herself supports the view of herself as a failure. Thus, Edna takes firm control of her destiny and leaves behind a world that cannot further her.

The action spans over a period of nine month — like a pregnancy — this is either a coincidence or a metaphor for Edna seeking rebirth in her suicide following her awakenings. Moreover, there is a hint of the abscence of sexual intercourse between the married sesay.

An Analysis of Zami: The classic Creole woman was white, dark-haired, plump, and beautiful. Though she was already an individualist before she got married to Oscar Chopin, marriage confined Kate Chopin within the rules of society, which she only evaded after his death.

edna pontellier death essay

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