On the Hill, there are several events held to attract many visitors like the Chinese New Year dance events and the Independence Day celebrations. Fantastic review of Penang Hill. Hill, also known as the Pearl of the Orient is one of the famous tourist destinations in Penang. By ijifr journal and Manoj Suryawanshi. The researchers visited the site to get information from an inside source.

Wow, just like what we saw in ancient China drama. Keep describing like this about lovely places. We have visited Penang twice my favourite SE Asian destination and both times been up Penang Hill — definitely worth a visit. Some of the more famous pit stops at the mountain are 52 and It is a popular by the locals as well as tourists.

Recent reviews of the railway system resulted in a complete overhaul of the system in The name bendea a reference to the flagstaff outside “Bel Retiro”, which was the residence of the Governor of Penang built by Francis Light c.

Penang Hill

Researchers will interview one of the top management who is fully responsible in terms of system managements and maintenance in Bukit Bendera and the one who plays a role in maintaining all the activities available at the station. My father pushed us towards the stairs. The questionnaire consists of three distinct parts, namely Part A; a touch of demographic information, part B; about the objectives of the visitors to the Hill and lastly is part C which affect the general result of the visitor.


The rare and endangered species include the parasitic plant Exorhopalia ruficepswhich grows in the shady and damp undergrowth. The sunset view from the top of Bukit Bendera. Views from Penang Hill.

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The next morning, we went to Bukit Bendera and then spent the rest of the afternoon in town visiting our favourite hawker stalls. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The facilities available provides comfort to the visitors. Penang Hill Railway Station starts to operate from 6: The Skyway will allow stunning degree views while fulfilling all accessibility needs. Glad you like my blog. Though the first one started inthe current one is the fourth generation tram system.

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The last time I was here was 10 years ago. This method will be conducted during the study.

On Penang Hill you can escape the heat of tropical Georgetown. Three viewing decks with gardens at varying heights provide changing panoramic vistas while two additional platforms at the lower level allow rest under natural forest shading. The researchers will review the situation in Bukit Bendera on the weekends. On weekends or public holidays or school holidays, the train operates from 6.


This table reveals that respondents from Penang indicated that they are strongly agreed with dssay statement with the reading of 28 out of 67 people. Remember me on this computer.

essay about bukit bendera

There were signs pointing to the canopy walk and we strolled for about 15 minutes to get to it, and buit when we got there, lo! Stay tuned and updated with the latest.

essay about bukit bendera

Learn how your comment esay is processed. Thus when viewed through the table, it showed that the age of 21 to 40 years old agreed that this destination has something to offer to them as visitors.

It seemed to grow taller by the second. Vicariously I have travelled Penang not gregariously. According to the official portal of the National Archives of Malaysia, some engineers and contractors also have the responsibility to build the railroads.

essay about bukit bendera

For example, the children and the elderly will receive discounts from the original benxera. Penang Hill also has a 32 pounder cannon. By ijifr journal and Manoj Suryawanshi.

Zumba classes every Sunday, This year, we started our journey up north on a Friday morning. Here benxera a direct link to the big map.