This method of hers is effective because it helps her achieve the intended effect. They pressed the rice into balls in their fists, squeezing until the bright red palm oil ran down their forearms and dripped off their elbows. How society and our environment shapes our perception of reality. Alliteration is when words starting with the same letter are used repeatedly in one sentence or fragment. Pigott also uses a variety of rhetorical devices in her essay to create a strong connection between the reader and her essay.

Unknown November 14, at 1: Therefore a formal tone would not be appropriate to use for this type of an essay. With the use of the informal tone, the author can connect with the reader easily because it makes the readers feel like the author is actually interacting with them. From the words she has used, it seems that she means for this essay to be read by someone from the age of seventeen and older. She wanted to change herself, so she would be accepted by others. She has taken care of every aspect of syntax along with everything else.

There were mirrors on the walls and I could see women watching themselves. My perception of beauty altered as my body did. Therefore, it helps her achieve her intended purpose. So, these might be the reasons why Pigott chose this type of tone for her literary work. I do not mean to romanticize their rock-hard lives, but we were hardly to be envied as we ran like fools between two walls to the tiresome beats of synthesized music. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay?


If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. One other rhetorical device that the author has chosen to use in her essay is alliteration.

Chicken Hips: Essay Analysis by Subana Shahbaz on Prezi

The author uses a variety of different sentence structures to do a little bit more detailing. P i got a good mark on the persuassive essay and lady’s dressing room: It is a personal essay where Pigott talks about her stay in Gambia, Africa and what she has experienced during her stay there. They seemed devoid of shape and substance.

The bigger a person is, the more beautiful they are. Family members kindly started suggesting that I might look and feel better if I slimmed down a little. To conclude, the author seems to have tried her best on syntax. It was the first time I had worn African clothes since my arrival in tiny, dusty Gambia, and evidently they were not impressed.

From the words she has used, it seems that she means for this essay to be read by someone from the age of seventeen and older. This method is effective for her to use in this particular essay because of the reason previously stated which can also be the authors intended purpose.

essay chicken hips by catherine pigott

I was home, where fat is feared and despised. We want everyone to feel welcome to attend these informal gatherings to discuss short readings. Unknown November 14, at 1: It was even harder to explain that to me thin is beautiful, and in my country we deny ourselves food in pursuit of perfect slenderness. In the early s Pigott goes to Gambia, Africa to experience a new culture.


Every month, the women would take a stick and measure my backside, noting with pleasure its gradual expansion. The level of language of this essay is informal combined with a little bit of colloquial. To begin with, Catherine Pigott uses specific words to explain the troubles she faced when she first went to Gambia. Ny uses a mixture of short and long sentences to give the reader a better understanding of the thesis and the points she makes in her essay.

The language of sin is not applied to food. After a year, I came home.

Chicken Hips Essay

Milena May 11, at hipss This makes is essay definitely worth reading. The friends who had christened me Chicken-Hips made it their mission to fatten me up.

Here’s the first reading, titled “Chicken Hips” by Catherine Pigott: With her effective use of words she tries to tell the reader how difficult it was for her to feel comfortable around strangers that keep judging her every moment.

essay chicken hips by catherine pigott

Anonymous January 30, at 2: My freedom had been temporary.