After a to day-long gestation period, normally a single calf is born. Humans, supposed to be the guardian angel of the Sangai, have been the very reason for the threat on the existence of this highly spoken of deer species. The sangai was believed to be almost extinct by A maximum high water level of Socially, the Sangai is the sign of a prized possession of the State. In the Sangai, therefore, humans find a way of expressing their love for the nature. It meant humans are now aiding the process of annihilating the habitat area, supplementing to the rapid degeneration of the habitat.

The life-cycle of the phumdi involves floating on the water surface during season of high water as in the monsoons. The tail is short and rump patch is not pronounced. Sangai also faces threats of diseases from the livestock, inbreeding depression and poaching. Uses authors parameter Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Based on a famous folk legend, the Sangai is interpreted as the binding soul between humans and the nature.

A constant high water level is maintained in the lake and this has led to many changes, one of which is the rise in the water level in the Keibul Lamjao National Park during the rainy season. Zizania latifoliaSaccharum munjaS.

Og spelled out very clearly that the beginning of the end of the sangai habitat had begun. The primary reason for the phumdis decrease is the Loktak hydro electric project. Email required Address never made public. For reasons historical and social, amnipur associated with the cultural life of the Manipuris, the Sangai has attached importance for Manipur and its people. The nearest railhead is Dimapur Nagalandkm from Imphal.


We define conservation as knowledge-driven actions that lead to the effective management and recovery of wildlife. This signifies its name, brow-antlered deer, the forward protruding beam appears to come out from the eyebrow.

essay on sangai of manipur

The forward protruding beam appears to come out from the eyebrow. Identified as one of the rarest animal species oon the entire world, the Sangai is the eye of the apple for the people. Very recently this year, reports came in about local people cutting up the phumdi into sizeable pieces and then towing away these with dugout canoe for ‘selling’ to fish culture owners.

Brow-antlered deer

It has a dark reddish brown winter coat, which turns paler in summer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

essay on sangai of manipur

And a very disturbing effect of the project has been its share of harm to the ecology and the environment of the Loktak, threatening the lake ecosystem, the humans and their lands, the wildlife, and all other life forms dependent on the lake for their living.

The festival also hosts performances by artists from states of Tripura, Orissa and international locales of Thailand and Myanmar. To be Announced Location: It spelled out very clearly that the beginning of the end of the Sangai habitat had begun.

The WWF is run at a local level by the following offices Power paragliding at Old Airfield and the ethnic games of the state are also organized in the capital city.


During day time it rests under thick and tall reeds and grasses. Human activity – read development process – had caused extensive damage to its last natural habitat, threatening its very existence.

The Sangai is an endemic, rare and endangered Brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur, India. News Tuesday, November 1st, After feeding it takes rest. Males compete with each other to gain control of a harem of females that they can then mate with. A maximum high water level of The high water level, maintained continuously through the year, had disturbed the natural life cycle of the vegetation growth, the phumdi, upon which the Sangai thrives.

The sangai has a maximum lifespan in the wild of around 10 years. Subscribe to CI Newsletter. This page was last edited on 1 Aprilat Sangai feed on a variety of water living plants, grasses, herbaceous plants, and shoots.

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The airport is 6 km away from Imphal. There sangau reports of local people cutting up the phumdi into sizable pieces and then towing away these with dugout canoe for ‘selling’ to fish culture owners. However, in six heads of the Sangai were found perched at its natural habitat. Mewar Festival 6 Apr, to 8 Apr,