Their stories prompted us not only to begin wider conversations with middle class families about homework but also to explore both the history of and scholarly rationales for homework. Kelly rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Books by Etta Kralovec. It seems to be geared towards both parents and educators. Homework is a black hole in the learning process, leaving teachers unaware of each student’s true educational level or progress and unable to scaffold new knowledge for the students. They interviewed kids, both drop-outs and successful kids, and homework is the one thing that consistently is seen as a burden, a source of unhappiness with school, and a primary reason for the hopelessness some kids feel.

But perhaps if there is something wrong with what we are doing to ourselves there’s a problem with the demands we force upon our children. Comparison of international 8th grade mathematics and science achievement from a U. One of my favorite arguments here is that homework creates a greater gap between haves and have-nots as affluent homes take on the qualities of the schoolroom–clean, well-lit, with books, computers and knowledgeable adults who are committed to education–while many other students have far more precarious educational settings at home. Etta Kralovec , John Buell. I would say that this is infinitely better than “The Case Against Homework” and was actually thought provoking and I read this because I was hoping to get a more nuanced take than the emotional tirade that was “The Case Against Homework”. He is also co-author of “The End of Homework”. The rush to fund and build after-school programs is now a major policy initiative with the potential to solve some of the homework problems we face Miller,


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The language employed is that of the sanctity and importance of personal freedom, family, religion, and leisure, the very goals some see as sustained primarily by work itself. The These authors and I come from different places of prioritizing research, but I think in the end we share the same s-style progressive ideal for education.

It has given us new insights on why homework reform is vital both for efta own sake and for its connections to other related family and workplace issues. Etta Kralovec and John Buell are educators who dared to challenge one of the most widely accepted practices in American schools. CNN invited us to appear in a debate, hpmework prefaced the debate with an instant kgalovec poll: Other editions – View all The End of Homework: John Buell is an author and freelance journalist.

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Comparison of international 8th grade mathematics and science achievement from a U. Do we allow our oc to exercise these selves? Teaching and learning in Japan. Virtually everyone in this society has a homework story.

Teachers say that they are increasingly uncomfortable about handing over to parents the learning for which teachers are accountable. Etta Kralovec is an independent scholar and teacher trainer.

etta kralovec the end of homework

Arguing that in assigning massive amounts of pf to students, teachers and schools are essentially abdicating their responsibility to teach, the authors advocate forcefully for protecting the leisure time of children, who need a balance of work and play that allows them to prepare for their futures in work AND in citizenship. Do we have the courage to call for adequate school funding? Instead of doing homework you could be doing other things that are just as educational but much more interesting.


There are no studies showing that assigning homework before junior high school improves academic tthe.

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From inside the book. The rest of it can be summed up as: And yet research suggests that homework probably has no helpful effect in elementary school and questionable outcomes in middle school.

Even supporters of homework acknowledge the problems of research on homework. I don’t think there’s any way to avoid sending review work home, but golly gee, I’d LOVE not to have to do it. The place for homeowrk work is in the school. Spare the tears and turn off the TV The battle over homework: About Etta Kralovec and John Buell Bryan Grado rated it it was amazing Apr 08, She continued, “But I also think the school went a little too far when it prohibited teachers from grading homework.

Jennifer rated it liked it Jul 31, Account Options Sign in. This curious solution raises troubling questions: Violette rated it liked it Feb 22, Unfortunately, such programs are still too rare and differ substantially in quality.

etta kralovec the end of homework

Beacon Press- Education ennd pages. Are we willing to declare an eight-hour workday for both students and teachers? We remain convinced that homework as currently constituted is a largely ineffective and overly burdensome practice.