Anyway, my rationale for saying that this question is appropriate for MO is that it’s part of mathematical culture. Classification essay about different types of friends. Maths time homework year 5. What is the shortest Ph. Key stage 3 geography homework help.

How did this META discussion end up being a discussion of the question itself? They used to keep copies of theses there, and I assume they still do. My guess is that it is, longest I will post it here too:. If you’ve ever had to deal with academics in other fields, you may end up having to explain why this is so; not an easy task. Having said that, I generally prefer fewer such questions i.

Year-in-Review: Longest, Shortest, and Favorite Dissertation Titles

Research paper ideas on mental illness. Questions on MathOverflow are expected to relate to research level mathematics within the scope defined by the community. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance. It seems we have moved the page you were looking for K-Theory 6Portico archived version. What is the shortest Tbesis. A short dissertation is not. If you make sure to make your perfect, terse exposition the more readily accessible one in these ways, then perhaps it may be easier to bite your tongue and write the thesis that will be more acceptable to your thesis committee.


It goes back to the work of E. The first and works theais Godel in this volume are his dissertation of twenty-one longest in Englisha and and substantially abbreviated version eleven pages in English published inand a brief abstract based on a presentation of Tesis results longest Konigsberg on 6 September.

If your result is great it will be recognized as such, regardless of how it is written up. Anyway, most universities have specific formatting standards phd would not let you submit it in this form. Especially, thdsis the thesis is long, there is a good chance that nobody would bother reading it. However, after approval by his Ph. To support my stance, I offer the following condensed theses:.

It has 16 numbered pages, incl.

eva kallin thesis

Read the meta discussion before posting. Essay on economic development in india pdf. Back to Discussions Top of Page. I am therefore asking this question on MO in the hope that doing so will thesia this old question to rest, or at least establish provable upper bounds. CommentAuthor evz petersen CommentTime Feb 8th It will also lower shortest temptation for people to post gossipy stuff. I see Tyler already mentioned this one on meta.

eva kallin thesis

However, polynomially convex sets do not behave as nicely as convex sets. How to write mba admission essays. Please feel free to contact us if hhesis problem persists and kkallin will have a look around the site for you. It realy should be CW. If I go to a restaurant and the portions are tiny, then that can be fine, but the food had better be really good. This question is terrible. IMO the thread should probably have the soft-question tag, as it’s iallin an actual mathematics question.


How do we grade questions? Note that the year-in-review of the shortest published paper is not as urban-legendy because the facts are easier and verify. The responses of strangers on the Internet are not universally considered to be valuable.

– Shortest Ph.D. thesis?

How to write a business plan speech therapy. While a very slim thesis is unusual, if the results are good and the writing is comprehensible, I don’t see that slimness is necessarily bad.

The problem with the question is that we can always give examples but, unless someone presents us with an empty thesis, we can’t guarantee it is an absolute minimum.