Its aim is not only to facilitate progress through the academic programs leading to the conferment of M. Please note that standard expenses associated with the dissertation i. The Proposal The body of the written, double-spaced dissertation proposal should be at least 3, but no more than 6, words and should include:. Make sure that the changes conform to the formatting guidelines for dissertations and then secure approval of those changes from your mentor and committee. A paper requiring substantial revision merits a Pass , whereas a paper that is deemed not publishable even with revisions merits a Fail. Also, if you wish to meet with the Associate Dean, you do not need to do so by the deadline on the GSAS Academic Calendar , as long as your paperwork is completed by then.

In the belief that philosophy graduate students should be encouraged from the outset to argue, to write, and, if they wish, to publish, the Fordham philosophy program’s graduate degree requirements place an emphasis on papers rather than written examinations. While the final thesis paperwork should still be submitted to GSAS, a physical copy of the thesis is no longer needed. All students are, therefore, given serious exposure to ancient, medieval, and modern philosophy, as well as contemporary thought. Students entering with an MA may take only level courses or above. While the “defense” may not take a full two hours, it should not go longer than two hours. Acting closely with department and university administrators, the FPS provides a voice to its graduate students, whereby concerns, problems, and suggestions may be brought to the appropriate forum for discussion. The reading list should meet the following qualifications:.

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In the Spring Semester of junior year, students interested in the early admission program will be required to formally indicate their desire to matriculate by filling out an application to the graduate program and submitting it to the Graduate School Admissions Office. Committee and Proposal Defense The Dissertation Proposal Defense Committee comprises the mentor, the readers, and a fourth faculty member examiner chosen in consultation with the mentor and Director of Graduate Studies.


Its focus is perhaps more on the questions being asked in the dissertation than on the answers being given, though this is not incompatible with having one or more working hypotheses or tentative theses. This may take the form of one historical period and two contemporary approaches, or two historical periods and one contemporary approach.

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Students selecting the thesis option must by the end of their penultimate semester have identified and secured a thesis director who will guide the student through the thesis.

The gssa and the paperwork will be dissretation in absentia. See below for more details about the dissertation proposal and dissertation. The written proposal should be in the hands of each member of the committee at least two weeks prior to the scheduled “defense.

When a student feels she is prepared to take her language exam, she should contact the DGS, who will set up the exam with an appropriate faculty member. Please contact adgsas fordham.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

The student’s defense guidrlines consists of her dissertation mentor, two readers, and two examiners. After oral defense, make any changes in the dissertation that were identified during the defense. Language exams are offered each semester and administered by philosophy department faculty. Degrees are granted in February, May, and August.

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Its aim is not only to facilitate progress through the academic programs leading to the conferment of M. The summary should be in the hands of the examiners at least two weeks prior to the defense. Distinguished Fellowships A student who will have exhausted her eligibility for a regular assistantship or teaching fellowship one year on the M. All other requirements for the normal M. Do you agree that this is a “hazing ritual” that hasn’t kept up with the times?

The survey must be completed before the dissertation and defense paperwork is submitted to GSAS. The scholarly reputation of the Fordham philosophy faculty is recognized nationally and abroad. A list is “substantial” insofar as it includes readings that present major alternative positions that characterize the research area. Graduate Student Association Travel Grants The Graduate Student Association administers small grants to assist students with travel to conferences and research sites.


Exit Survey as part of your presentation. Students entering with an MA may take only level courses or above. Writing a dissertation is one of the most difficult process.

Students serve as graduate assistants for the first two years, assisting dissertahion faculty member in his or her teaching and research, instructing undergraduates in the University Writing Center, or working in an academic administrative office.

When you have successfully completed the SED, you will receive a confirmation.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

Does it use proper scholarly format and style? Programs are required to submit the final thesis paperwork to Adgsas fordham.

Stephen Frank July 27, at 5: Special Projects must be submitted no later than December 15 for the fall semester and April 15 for the spring semester. It is important to note that different qualifying papers might have different philosophical ends and styles, and this means that for diesertation papers different kinds of questions will come to the fore while others recede into the background.

View placement information for our most recent graduates. Once an agreement is in place the student and mentor will work together to bring the topic to the form of a written proposal.

Fordham’s membership in the consortium means that Fordham graduate students have the opportunity to take courses not only from Gsws own internationally recognized faculty, but also from New York-based philosophers and professors such as Richard Bernstein, Philip Kitcher, Saul Kripke, Alexander Nehamas, Graham Priest, Michael Smith, and Ernest Sosa.