Constant happiness, success, or social standing don’t matter as much as being genuine, alive, and kind. At the half, Troy rallies his team with, ” Now or Never “, and with an assist from a new freshman team member, Jimmie “Rocket-man” Zara, the Wildcats win the Championship. When he jumps against the wall, you can see many dark footprints, from previous takes. We pay our way through show choir, activity boosters, and school lunches. The bag Tiara hands to Sharpay with her coffee inside is clearly empty; when Sharpay takes it she flicks it to look inside and there is obviously nothing inside. Ever since I saw High School Musical 3 eight years ago, I’ve been obsessed with giving a commencement speech.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Throwing their caps in the air, the graduates form a giant ” wildcat ” before breaking out into one last song and dance “High School Musical”. It was followed by the spin-off film Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure , which was released direct-to-DVD and on television. While sitting in that movie theater, I vowed that when I graduated high school, I would stand tall in my evergreen cap and gown and give a speech that would even surpass J. Despite early speculation that Vanessa Hudgens would be dropped from the film due to her nude photo scandal, The Walt Disney Company denied the reports, saying, “Vanessa has apologized for what was obviously a lapse in judgment. Most you seem okay, some of you seem like jerks, but it either way it doesn ‘ t really matter. Rent checks, bills and jobs.

A sing-along edition with lyrics highlighted on the screen was released in select theaters on November 7,two weeks following its initial release.

What waits for us in the future? And I say that because I care about you.

High School Musical 3 – We’re All In This Together (Graduation Version) – Ouvir Música

Ask questions and be curious — it’s the only way to get what you want. I like to think that every opportunity is worth my best effort, but, as I’ve written about elsewhere graduaation, mental illness often thinks otherwise.


Tiara then betrays Sharpay and tells her how she is going to take over next year in the drama department. When she starts to dance she is in black socks. Ysm3 addition, she reveals that Sharpay, Ryan, Kelsi, and Troy have all been considered for a scholarship at Juilliard Schoolbut only one of them grasuation to be chosen. We hope she’s vraduation a valuable lesson. Stephen Farber, for Reuters UKsays the film “will please fan base but won’t win converts”, as the story “never really does kick in” and that “the picture quickly grows tedious”, [24] while MSNBC’s Alonso Duralde describes it as “a stitched-together Frankenstein monster of an entertainment, featuring major components that were already trotted out the first two times.

Troy Bolton’s Graduation Speech is the Best Graduation Speech Ever | Oh My Disney

The film opens with Troy Hssm3 and the rest of the East High Wildcats basketball team trailing behind graduatuon West High Knights in the Championship and final game of the season. Graduaion Tiara is at Sharpay’s locker, she holds out the pink shopping bag with her left hand. By subscribing, you agree to Sweety High’s Privacy Policy. Senior Year Did You Know? And there is no one face of mental illness — it could affect a friend, a parent, or even yourself.

When he gets to the huddle he is tossing his warm up jacket, but he warm up pants are also off. Darbus is secretly watching and reveals that she sent in his application for Juilliard. Retrieved September 9, But the key is, it will all be worth it because you will learn who you are and will become stronger because of it.

Best Actor International Zac Efron.

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Welcome to the biggest day of your life… so far. Watch The Ellen Show. While Kelsi is trying to get the group to do the musical, Gabriella is talking to Ryan, the next shot, she is facing the other direction. Senior Year Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure At the beginning of the graduation ceremony scene all the students are seen standing as Troy gives his speech; in the next shots they are then seen sitting on graaduation chairs and then when the final song starts it switches back to them standing, the chairs have disappeared.


October Learn how and when to remove this template message. We learn how to be social and to act as contributing members of society. That dream seemed shattered, however, when I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder midway through my sophomore year. At the graduation ceremony, Troy gives the class speech after being selected by Ms.

When Troy and Gabriella are on the roof Troy says he has never been to a dance before let alone a prom but hhsm3 High School Musical 2 there is a scene where Troy is in his room talking to his dad and there is a picture on his nightstand of Troy and Gabriella at a school dance.

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Troy Bolton’s Graduation Speech is the Best Graduation Speech Ever

Raise your hand when no one else does. Kelsi’s necklace is backward in one scene, revealing the clear tape used to keep it in place.

graduation speech hsm3

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Love will find you. And the painfully disappointing truth is that giving a commencement speech would probably cause me too much anxiety and stress to be healthy.