When he is not teaching he works as a film- maker, writer and science communicator. How did it come to be? Your eyes may wonder to the door, across the pillars, then to the roof and finally over to the front lawn. Well, the problem with these claims is that they would imply that the universe created itself, which we have already discussed, is absurd. Many toddlers get told off by their parents for something they want to do, such as drinking an enticing brown gold liquid, also known as whisky. The purpose of this response is to bring these to light and explore these concepts in depth.

Since naturalism is incoherent and faces its own philosophical issues, then it follows that evolution — which has been formulated via a naturalist ontology — cannot be certain. Was there not a sense of loneliness, emptiness and lack of attachment to the things we used to take so seriously? The level or religiosity must also be established, one can argue that their crimes were committed because they were not religious enough or deviated away from their religious values. Nietzsche argued that there is only a mindless chaos, a directionless world tending towards no end. Including observing all evolutionary processes that give rise to diversity at every level including species and individual organisms. Is evolution a fact?

We have failed to revive intellectual Islam within the grass root Muslim communities. In the relatively short history of secularism the following massacres have committed in the name of non-religious ideologies such a communism, nationalism and social-Darwinism: Essays And Articles Of Collected from http: Since this being exists apart from the universe it must be non-physical or immaterial, if it was material then it would be part of the universe.

hamza tzortzis essay

Why it cannot be Physical Necessity This option is irrational. Concluding Part 1 Alom is a courageous and inspirational writer. These responses have created an unresolved dilemma for the empiricist. Log In Sign Up.


What this basically means is that we should stick to explanations that do not create more questions than it answers. The fine- tuning argument mentioned above refers to the initial conditions of the gamza and various constants that pre-date any evolutionary process.

hamza tzortzis essay

Significantly, it awakens us to the brutal fact that we will no longer exist on the planet. This is the inconsistency of the skeptical view; a skeptic would claim the truth of skepticism but would deny all other truths! An important point to highlight is that tzoryzis are some unequivocal verses in the Quran and some that are open to interpretation. If we view life through the lenses of death we seem to be in an emotional and intellectual space where we can really assess our situation on this planet.

hamza tzortzis essay

However, it can be argued that the assumption that there is a purpose may be false, and if it is false, then there is nothing to be bothered about, and we should all just carry on living. His love and yearning for his mother resonates in every sentence. Since the universe was created by an Ever-Living, Alive, All-Aware being, it follows that we have been given this capacity to be aware of our inner subjective states: Even if you claim there were people in Germany who fought against the Nazis, the point is there was strong consensus or social pressure.

Alom can reply to the above conclusion by simply denying that morality is objective. By understanding the scientific method and tzorrzis philosophy we can easily conclude that it is a blessing and mercy from God, but it does not — most of the time — produce certain knowledge. Will you ever shoot? This concept is intuitive but also agrees with reality: Unfortunately, many of us within the Muslim community have created a social malaise by removing ourselves from the timeless values of Islam, and we have constructed a narrative which is far from intellectual.


If its claims are true, essxy one would have to make some inevitable existential and logical conclusions that are very…. If someone accepts social consensus as a basis for morals then how can we justify our moral position towards what the Nazis did in s Germany?

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Say after sheep observations he found that all of them were white. Then there are bodily sensations from pains to orgasms; mental images that are conjured up internally; the felt quality of emotion; and the experience of a stream of conscious thought.

If science were to be relied upon concerning this, the conclusions would lead to absurdities. Not all atheists agree. Online version available here http: Just like saying it is wrong to burp loudly at the dinner table.

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The Search for Other Universe. Whatever our views on death are, one thing we can all agree on is that it is something that we do not think about enough.

Therefore evolution itself would prove the existence of God! And what would your outlook be if you could re-live your life once experiencing the tragic reality of death? Dawkins basically says that since there is a naturalistic explanation for the apparent design in species and we do not have a similar explanation for physics, we should just wait.