Crimson Scholars receive a number of benefits, including: Automatic eligibility for all Honors courses Early registration Extended library check-out privileges Special advising The option to live in the Honors Living Learning Community in our residence hall. A minimum of 15 hours of community service per week, per semester is required for each honors credit hour to be waived. A description of the project and the concept s underlying it. Proposals for creative arts and performance projects will, naturally, be somewhat different from proposals in scholarly and scientific fields. Fewer than 28 hours earned:

Some departments may require the use of a particular manual. The honors faculty participate in residence hall programming and frequently attend residence hall floor meetings with students. Find the form here: Our Honors College is the oldest in New Mexico, and is a nurturing liberal arts college embedded within the bigger university. This experience is intended to help prepare student applicants for participation in the prestigious British Marshall, Rhodes, Gates, and Fulbright scholarship programs during their senior year. Under certain circumstances, public service may be used as an alternative to completing some of the requirements for graduation from the Honors College.

This might also include a brief explanation of the sources you intend to use.

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These are the students who come through our Honors College and graduate as visionaries who will make a difference in the world. Crimson Scholars receive recognition in the commencement program and are eligible to purchase a Crimson Honkrs cord for graduation. The Honors Residence Hall is open to both men and women of any university class standing.

The report must also contain a reflective component, demonstrating increased self-awareness and personal growth.

Preliminary Pages Lowercase Roman numerals should be used for page numbers for each of the following: The Faculty Mentor acts as an academic adviser, assisting the student in developing the proposal and serves as a recommender during the selection process.


The Chicago Manual of Style 13th ed. Valerie Torres at vatorres nmsu.

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Automatic eligibility for all Honors courses Early registration Extended library check-out privileges Honorw advising The option to live in the Honors Living Learning Community in our residence hall. The Capstone is normally completed during the senior year and may be undertaken only if the student meets the eligibility requirements for graduation from the College 3. A statement of the significance of your research.

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The Honors Faculty The Honors College faculty come from academic departments from throughout the university. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. It must also involve a creative and leadership element, such as the design of a program or policy that identifies a problem and meets a specific need of the agency.

Although the format of the proposal will vary from one discipline to another, all proposals should contain the following items: In addition to the performance or exhibition, the student must complete a written report or description of the project that is approved by the honogs advisor, to be filed with the Honors College.

Honors students, especially first-year students, are encouraged to take advantage of this special opportunity.

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For upper-division courses, the requirement is a cumulative 3. Waiver of university honors credit for service learning or international study does not reduce or otherwise affect the total number of credit hours required for graduation, nor can it be applied toward the Senior Capstone Requirement. This waiver will be awarded for college credit earned while participating in any international study program approved by the Honors College or the Office of International Study.


A student who completes at least two or level honors seminars will be given a Certificate of Distinction at graduation and special recognition in the commencement program. It is often helpful to nmsy this in terms of a question Review of literature.

Submitting a Proposal

In support of this mission, the Honors College integrates the following objectives: Research Papers, Reports and Theses 9th ed. Honors Certificate Program Sophomores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.

honors thesis nmsu

While proposals to fund projects that are primarily domestic will be considered, the selection committee will give priority to projects that will take place outside the United States. This statement should make it clear why your research will result in an original contribution.

A description of the project and the concept s underlying it. State the research hypothesis or the research questions and objectives of the thesis.

honors thesis nmsu

Used widely in the humanities. Although the format of the proposal will vary depending on the medium involved, all creative arts proposals should contain the following:.

Ideally, students enroll in Honors the semester before they thesls enroll in Honors University of Chicago Press, Discuss the results of previous research in this area and how your research will contribute to knowledge in this area.

Trost and built in to house the campus chapter of the YMCA. Past scholarship recipients have conducted independent research, volunteered with nonprofit organizations, worked in labs abroad, and combined organized master classes or seminars with independent research.