Submit your student report 2. Hence it is a good idea to start preparations, such as planning of the project and initiating the ethics application, during the year preceding commencement of the Honours program. This course exists in two forms: It is always a good idea to consider your goals. Students having a pass are not eligible to apply. You can only add advisors who has created a personal profile in this web portal. The web form will produce this when you finalise your Honours project proposal.

If you encounter problems or need clarification from your advisor don’t wait. There is no disadvantage from a grading point of view to have this collaboration since the student being graded has made the difficult parts leading the group of students in the work. The procedure to get reimbursement:. Our compiled experience of the potential problems that can occur and how to prevent them has boiled down to: Have a look at the Honours program! Marks are ratified by the CMD Honours committee Thesis The written thesis is assessed by academic expert markers in the relevant field of research. If special skills are needed does your advisor expect you to master them directly or will they take time to teach you this.

This is our match-making website where researchers put up research opportunities.

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Let us be honest! You need to discuss access to these money with your advisor. Enrolment will need to be finalised by 8th of January.


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Approach researchers you know are involved in research with a topic similar to your interest. This is suitable for undergraduate students who wish to start Honours in year 6.

honours thesis jcu

You will find your current application under the menu option “My pages” and my applications. That table will tell you important steps and dates. Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours. Having this motivation seems to be more important than if you got a C, D or an HD in your hoours year.

It also has two seminars Entry and Exit seminar and submission of three components: OK now I know all about taking a leave but is an extension where you remain enrolled really out of the question? Students must retain all receipts for reimbursement.

Use a software to shrink your pdf. These instructions are saved in a format file specific to that journal.

This is accepted or rejected. The part time version is also suitable for junior doctors commencing up until PGY4.

JCU CMD – The Honours program | James Cook University

If it is accepted proceed with item 5 below. If special skills are needed does your advisor expect you to master them directly or will they take ghesis to teach you this. The pre-Honours application is eligible on this web site. The Honours program coordinator. Submit your student report 2. Submit a pre-Honours application The pre-Honours application must be submitted during the year before commencing the Honours program. Please contact Associate Professor Icu Gunnarsson if you want more information.


JCU CMD – The Honours program | James Cook University

Students doing the thesiss year full time option will be considered located at the site they were in before commencing the Honours program. The answer is no Can be expensive without a student licence.

This web system will not be involved in the entry and exit seminars. If not jci Emma Anderson. We will try to arrange for you to link in by videolink. All that is changed and the current routine is that all students with at least a credit in the two preceding years aiming to commence the Honours program in January must submit a pre-Honours application during the year preceding commencement.

You can usually not get an extension more about thesiss further down but you can apply for a leave from the Honours course. Ensure you log in to this site before using the links below. All students must follow the latest version of the Honours handbook. The reason for this is to ensure you can continue your studies in case the pre-Honours application is not approved.