DOAA office person will put a dated stamp on the certificate page. Finalize your thesis and defense committee with your supervisor. Please do have a photo soft copy of yours to create your online alumni profile before going to alumni office. Submit a copy of no dues to your department office Note: Swagata Bhaumik and Tapan Sengupta in Phys. Apply online for no dues on this link http: Beyond von Neumann analysis paper from Science Direct.

The work in Computers and Fluids establishes focusing as a linear phenomenon for two time level method. Beyond von Neumann analysis paper from Science Direct. Thank you for sharing such a informative information with us. All the required forms are available here http: Posted by Unknown at 7:

Amar Rajput 28 October at CSE office will sign the final row only of no dues form only after your defense.

iitk thesis submission

After uploading your thesis wait for the confirmation mail. Suraj R 4 April at We have reported accurate results for Rayleigh-Taylor instability by avoiding Boussinesq approximation and Stokes’ hypothesis incorporating bulk viscosity for Navier-Stokes equation.


Yogesh Bhumkar and Satyanarayana during May June 03, For inhomogeneous flows this is, thus, more general than any other existing concepts! Once you have no dues in every row of your online form, submit it and go submiesion DOAA office.

Thesis Submission and No Dues @ IITK

You are commenting using your WordPress. This site uses cookies. Sengupta, Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol. Posted by Unknown at Error growth and phase lag analysis for high Courant numbers – D. Get thesis certificates signed by your supervisor depending on the number of examiners.

iitk thesis submission

There are 20 entries and all the entries should bear no dues before reaching step9. The aerospace building is going to be tthesis down to make room for a multi-story building.

iitk thesis submission

Please do have a photo soft copy of yours to create your online alumni profile before going to alumni office. Leave last three entries in this form and complete steps 2, 3 and 4.


No dues IIT Kanpur

And proceed accordingly and finally submit it. In these examples, focusing is due to anti-diffusion due to discretization of convection terms. Venkatasubbaiah is in IIT Hyderabad. You can start hall no dues simultaneously. Senguptaand S. Procedure for Thesis Submission and No Dues.

This should boost research on IBM. Bhaumik is out as an e-book!

Journal of computational physics, submiasion July, to Prof. Posted by Unknown at 7: Act upon the changes and take Y copies of the final thesis hard binding. After clearing all the dues. Case of Rayleigh-Taylor instability – S.

Work at HPCL in Keep on checking your on line no dues form filled in step 0. Precursor of Transition to Turbulence: Instability and Transition of Fluid Flows http: