This includes comparative work that incorporates Russia as a case study. Please check with your home department graduate advisor to see if you can be nominated. The fellowships do not include fee remissions, and students generally are not permitted to accept other appointments, fellowships, or outside employment during the fellowship year. The fellowships do not include fee remissions, and students generally are not permitted to accept other appointments, fellowships, or outside employment during the fellowship year. Complete a standard 2×2 m excavation of a pre-contact structure outside of Salango, Ecuador.

H-German Reviews October The fellowship will be granted on the basis of the scholarly potential of the applicant, the quality and scholarly importance of the proposed work and its importance to the development of scholarship on Russia. H-German forthcoming Realism in the 20th Century and Today. The current grant offerings are intended for work completed in Summer or Fall

College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowships College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Research Fellowships are intended to assist advanced graduate students in the College to make significant progress on their dissertations.

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Departments may set their own internal deadlines for this award; however applications must reach the College Graduate Office by the January 16, deadline.

Departments diissertation conduct an internal review of applications to select applications for the three nominations.

Scheduled for Fall Claudia Breger, chair. Methods Training — For graduate students working on Russia who are interested in developing their expertise in social science research methods, or for students working in the social sciences who wish to expand their area studies research methods capabilities in Russia.


Progress in brain research disserrtation Each department is allowed to nominate up to three students total for the Dissertation Year and Dissertation Completion Fellowships three nominations across the two fellowships.

COAS Dissertation Research Fellowship (due to COAS 16 Jan, deparmental deadlines vary)

The Diesertation will review those applications and select the top three to forward on to the University Graduate School by its deadline. Departments must notify any student whose application was not forwarded for consideration; the College Graduate Office will do the same for the nominations we receive as will the University Graduate School. What Does an Index Do? Remember me on this computer.

Departments may nominate one student for this award. Edwards Fellowships The John H. Activities supported include exploring potential research sites, archives, or other research resources; establishing institutional affiliations; identifying and meeting local scholars and contacts.

Excavation supervising; collection and management of total station data vissertation geological trenches and archaeological excavations.

iu coas dissertation fellowship

Marx to MLK spring, Intro to German Cult: Kasina Entzi, MA Intro to German Lit Themes: Romanticism, Irony, diesertation the Pain of the Particular Genesis: Students must be nominated by their graduate programs for College Dissertation fellowships; the College does not accept applications directly from students. Catastrophe and Commitment in an Autobiography of Collaboration.


iu coas dissertation fellowship

Quality, Quantity and the Measure of the Human. College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Travel Awards are intended to assist students traveling to and presenting at major national and international conferences. The fellowship is intended for applicants who have completed all course work, passed all required preliminary examinations, received approval for their research proposal, and completed all formal components of their dissertation field research fellowwhip data collection.

The GPSG research award is offered dissegtation a competitive process for graduate and professional students at Indiana University Bloomington. Realism, Modernism and the Novel Fall German Review of Isabel Cole, trans. Experimental Archaeology and Hominid Evolution: The department should notify the student applicants of their application status, i.

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H-German Reviews October Felowship for January-December calendar year awards, Fall: A student must have been formally admitted to Ph. Labor, Migration and Sovereignty. Rationalization and the Return of Myth spring, Tarlise Townsend, BA