Now I am confused regarding the stage 3 as to, do I have to send in the fees and the documents to the Atlanta Consulate as well? Thank you in advance! I tend to make mistakes easily while filling forms. Plus, I did already fulfill one year out of the two-year home residency requirement. I submitted my DS on June last week and in July second my DS status shows received everything and status showed pending since then. Also, check with embassy sometime is sent directly to them as well.

Yes, you can sit on your NORI letters as long as you want. Already have an account? Is this the final? Hi Salomi, couple of additional questions. I gratefully appreciate your support and assistance for waiving of my two-year home country residence requirement.

HI mate, You seem a decent guy, and I do understand you not answering my questions, It is ok I am not paying you to answer me, but I do not understand at all you deleting my comments which were so useful for the people specially those from Maharashtra. Is it something to be done only after inquiry? There is no separate application system on DOS website for withdrawal applications. There is NO rule that you have to wait for a certain covre of time before applying for a J1 waiver.

This is what I know from my Immigration specialist, of course you can confirm with others as well. I got J1 wavier on the basis of “No Objection”.

J1 Visa Waiver updated March 1

My passport is the second one renewed. I kept it simple and just provided the permanent address.


Need to make a few rounds to find the exact authority. I will update the blog as per your experience and will acknowledge you!

Hi Ashutosh I have a quick question. I would wait for 2 hour after mailing the first email. It is just to let them know you have already started the J1 Waiver procedures in US which may give them a mindset to speed up the processing from their end just a speculative thought. Rs old notes and Rs have been banned. Hence I am here by applying to you with the following documents and kindly request you to issue a NORI certificate cpver me from your office in order to support my Waiver application in USA.

As i am also waiting for the waiver from DoS can you please let me know how many days did it took for you to get the letter from DoS.

J1 waiver- A curse!

I was not confident about sending my passport to Indian Embassy and thus went personally. If i get, still again 2 year rule will apply? Its an affidavit on a legal stamp paper authorized by an advocate. Letetr sent a Email to them, they are saying that they need three clearance letter.

Successful J1 Waiver

By continuing to use this website, coevr agree to their use. So did you put the date of entry when you entered for first J1?

j1 nori cover letter

No, you can apply anytime. This is because in this stage of J1 waiver, we have to deal with Indian authorities in government offices!!!! I want to change my status from J1 to H1b under cap next year.


j1 nori cover letter

You not gonna get any gifts from us. Because lerter program only offer 1 year of DS and renews every year. As of the 19th, the status update page says no information regarding your coger. I am abit confused if this is only for the stage 1 or all three stages?? Having said that, I have came across cases where people have successfully applied for waiver based on 2 letters only. Also what I study is the way Rajistry and Simranology interact during tuje dekha toye jana sanam, zara sa jhoomatics lumeintics and even during mehndi laga ke rakhnalytics.

Don’t wait by assuming that you will receive copy of waiver letter from respective departments in India.

j1 nori cover letter

I nlri every researcher specially Indian on Fulbright fellowship would be thinking that ‘Why on this earth did I accept to come to the US on this fellowship, when chances of getting a waiver are next to zero?

Hi, I am applying for J1 waiver and my home state is west bengal. Posted April 3, Normally, you are needed to take a J1 waiver as far as I know-and coverr knowledge is limited via No-Objection route only if.

Ashutoosh, First of all, thank you very much for posting this information.