Internal assessments and paper-based examined tests — malpractice ocr. Offences by staff members included breaching security, helping candidates, opening papers early without authorisation, allowing pupils to sit an exam at the wrong time or not invigilating properly. The centre manager, who was also the internal verifier, had claimed the certificates knowing that evidence was incomplete. JCQ Forms M2a — suspected centre staff malpractice or maladministration. Suspension of candidate registrations Threat to the interest of candidates registered on the qualification. This includes a section on malpractice www. This document provides subject teachers, senior leaders and heads of centre with a single, definitive source of generic guidance and instructions for GCE and GCSE qualifications.

These will usually be the candidate s or the responsible members of staff. Improper assistance to candidates Any act where assistance is given beyond that permitted by the specification to a candidate or group of candidates, which results in a potential or actual advantage in an examination or assessment. Please view our Terms and Conditions before leaving a comment. The decision The Malpractice Committee 8. The disclosure took place prior to the date on which the material was due to be made available to teachers. Access to prohibited materials must be enforced and candidates with access arrangements must not be assisted beyond what is permitted by the regulations.

The candidate denied this and claimed he was just turning the phone off when it was discovered. On-screen tests — etest ocr. In addition, the number of schools and colleges penalised rose by a third to Each candidate denied wrongdoing.

jcq coursework malpractice

Second, the responsibility for ensuring that malpractice is avoided and addressed lies with the head of centre and the senior leadership team SLT — not just the exams officer. The deception was not carried out and the original work of the candidate was submitted malprqctice assessment. GCSE English Literature The centre reported that three candidates had taken their study guides into the examination room in place of the permitted texts.


The candidate was very obviously turning round and gesturing to a friend who was ignoring her. However, the candidate had signed the NVQ unit declaration of authenticity. These measures may be applied for selected subjects or all subjects.

jcq coursework malpractice

Sanctions and penalties 18 It is an Ofqual and JCQ requirement for centres to have an internal appeals procedure relating to internal assessment decisions and enquiries about results. For linear qualifications the option is penalty 7. Awarding bodies reserve the right to inform the head of centre to which the staff member is moving to as to the nature of, and the reason for, the sanction.

The investigation 11 7. This section has been structured in line with the key activities of the exam cycle, ranging from key dates, access arrangements, conducting exams to results and post results services.

Notice to Centres – Malpractice

The candidate lost all his marks for the component penalty 3. Therefore the candidates were required to retake the assignments. It was confirmed, following an malpraxtice, that a number of candidates had been prematurely certificated. The centre was reminded that any consequences for the candidate arising from the submission of a plagiarised piece of coursework before it was authenticated are an internal disciplinary matter.

Information for candidates — non-examination assessments The JCQ Centre Inspection Service operates in relation to general qualifications and examined vocational qualifications. Individual responsibilities 5 3. How to report malpractice if you’re not from an approved centre Whether the malpractice involves candidates, teachers, invigilators or other administrative staff, this cooperation is essential to guarantee the fairness and integrity of Pearson qualifications.


The centre investigated and reported that the website had been plagiarised, and the bibliography had not been included by the candidate, but had ciursework added by the teacher, after the work had been submitted.

jcq coursework malpractice

GCE A Level Economics and Religious Studies The candidate was involved maplractice a timetable clash and had to be supervised after the morning examination until the start of the afternoon examination, which was Religious Studies.

Candidate A had been sitting next to B. Manage risks associated with controlled assessment. If we decide to carry out the investigation ourselves, we will contact the Head of Centre to notify them of the suspected malpractice and to discuss how the investigation will proceed. Sign up to SecEd Bulletin. Individuals involved may be requested to provide a written statement.

Notice to Centres – Malpractice – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

Sanctions and penalties applied against coureswork 25 The centre reported that the teacher conducting the test was not a member of staff; the centre had used an agency to employ the teacher solely to conduct the Speaking Test.

Instructions for conducting coursework version published April ; version published March The candidate would not therefore receive a certificate from any awarding body. Failure by a centre to investigate allegations of suspected malpractice in accordance with the requirements maplractice this document also constitutes malpractice. The prevention of malpractice when undertaking exams and assessments has long been a focus for the Joint Council for Qualifications JCQ.