Knowledge deficits are crucial to literature reviews—such deficits are usually spoken about in terms of effects on particular populations, gaps in the research, and other contexts where the research could be useful. A question Instructors do not want you to raise questions in your thesis; they want you to provide answers. For these types of assignments, the thesis simply states what the paper is about. Cite all your sources using APA citation style. Article X a Summarize the article when and how was the study done, what was its key focus, etc. Your thesis statement articulates your position. If you are taking classes online or at another JIBC campus and cannot make it to New West for an appointment, you can submit your paper via email.

Identify a scope that is feasible considering the length of paper assigned. Provide a specific recommendation for action geared toward your audience. Determine what information you need based on assignment requirements. All Access Landing page layout. The workload is huge.

It needs to be about what the audience instructor or maybe classmates will take seriously or care about.

Here are some additional links to help you with writing. Search for information on your research question, keeping a research log of terms you used in your search. Describe the procedure that you used. You also want to include statements about what communities are best served by this knowledge—where and for whom is the information most relevant?

In order for your reader to move through your information with ease while keeping the big picture in view, order your body paragraphs in the same way that you did in the statement about how your literature review will proceed. The Library catalogue lliterature other online resources may be searched while on or off campus.


And many postsecondary students are juggling work and school.

Statements of fact that need no further support or proof. The thesis idea usually appears again in the first sentence of the conclusion although in different words.

The workload is huge. The paragraphs in the body of your essay must connect with each other as well as with your thesis statement. The Office of Student Learning cannot guarantee tutor availability, even if you make the request well in advance.

Literature Reviews

Here are some links to help you improve your work! The more organized, prepared, rehearsed and confident you are, the more likely you’ll do well on your tests.

jibc literature review

If you are not able to meet face to face provide a Skype user name for correspondence. Executive writing is different than academic writing! Draw Conclusions, by answering these questions: Think about what an executive would need to know in order to make a decision about changing litedature policy, undertaking an action, or spending money and then provide that information as specifically and concisely as you can.

The summary should be original: Any number of these limiting factors can be combined to make the thesis specific. Instead, they are expected to answer a series of questions or give information about a topic.

jibc literature review

All services are confidential. A literature review should contain an introduction, a body and a conclusion, and should be centered on a main idea or argument about the literature you are reviewing. The main purpose of this report is to… The main objectives of this report are … It is the purpose of this document to … Make sure you present the main message of the document.


A detailed list of everything that you will try to include in the paper. Bring a hard copy of your paper to your appointment. A literature review is NOT: Make sure your topic and thesis stem directly from the assignment instructions for the paper.

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Submit a copy of your written assignment to date if available. A free mailing service is provided to students registered in JIBC programs. Click on the link above to jic you to this service. Here you’ll learn what a thesis statement is and how to write one.

jibc literature review

Knowledge deficits are crucial to literature reviews—such deficits are usually spoken about in terms of effects on particular populations, gaps in the research, and other contexts where the research could be useful.

Limiting the llterature to one specific group of people, to one time period, to one geographical location, to one specific character, to only the problem or to only the solution.