This frequency band is currently mostly unused. Within 5 years, we expect Gi-Fi to be the dominant technology for wireless technologies. Gi-fi chip has flexible architecture. Different competitive brands of access points and client networkinterfaces can inter-operate at a basic level of service. Vehicles too can take advantage and security of these devices to communicate with one another.

The main invention of Gi-Fi to provide higher bit rate. With this technology, there is no need for carrying cables around. Professor Skafiadas said his team is the first to demonstrate a working transceiver-on-a-chip that uses CMOS complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology – the cheap, ubiquitous technique that prints silicon chips. As uplink traffic increases, more channel capacity can dynamically be allocated to that, and as it shrinks it can be taken away. An entire High-Definition HD movie could be transmitted to a mobile phone in a few seconds, and the phone could then upload the movie to a home computer or screen at the same speed.

The cost of designing, developing and deploying this technology is less expensive than other wireless communication technologies. Also more efforts should be put to increase the distance of communication. Here we will use millimeter wave antenna which will operate at 60Ghz frequency which is unlined band.

The book of wireless: The results embodied in this report have yifi been submitted to any other University for the award of any degree.

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Easy and immediate construction of temporal broadband network such as in exhibition-site forAdvertisement information distribution or Contents downloading service mm-Wave video-signals transmission system. Stan Skafidas and his team.


This technology is based on the IEEE Gigabit Fidelity Gi-Fi Technology. With high level of frequency reuse it can fulfil the communication needs of multiple customers within a small geographical region.

It transmits data at a rate of 5Gbps; this implies that very large files can be transmitted before the twinkling of an eye.

literature review on gifi technology

High Speed Of Data Transfer: This chapter also includes the fundamental technologies in Comparison between existing technologies and Gi-Fi. Also offers long range connectivity, high security, low power utilization and excellent quality of service QOS. This piece of literature is gigi at enlightening the audience on the need to work towards the new technology and also how to go about it especially in this era where most of our devices and appliances need wireless communication to operate.

Wireless USB, which matches the same range but roughly the same Mbps peak speed of its wired equivalent.

The combined effects of O2 absorption and narrow beam spread result in high security and low interference 4. The high-powered team included 10 PhDs students from the University of Melbourne and collaborated with companies such as computer giant IBM during the research.

literature review on gifi technology

How it really works: The price of chipsets for Wi-Fi continues to drop, making it an economical networking option included in even more devices. In this seminar report we present some major works on GI-FI and a case study on one of these works. It uses the 60GHz “millimeter wave” spectrum to transmit the data, which gives it an advantage over Wi-Fi wireless internet. It will transfer gigabits of information with in seconds Broadcasting video signal transmission system in sports stadium: However, the standards original limitations for data exchange rate and range, number of channels, high cost of the infrastructure have not yet made it possible for Wi-Fi to become a total threat to cellular networks on the one hand, and hard-wire networks, on the other.


Once data has been selected for sending, a communication request is sent by the sending device, this request once accepted by the receiving device, a code is received and then checked for security purpose.

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Huge data file transmission: Chapter 4 Describes the conclusion for this paper. But the millimeter wave spectrum 30 to GHz is almost unoccupied, and the new chip is potentially hundreds of times faster than the average home Wi-Fi technology.

This means that, in a piconet, only eight stations can be active. Gi-Fi which is developed on a integrated wireless transceiver chip.

Gi-Fi is a wireless transmission system which is tenhundreds times faster than other technology and its chip delivers short-range multi gigabit data transfer in a local environment. It offers some advantages over Wi-Fi, a similar wireless technology, in that it.

Next generation wireless technology. Remember me on this computer.