International Journal of Arts and Sciences, 3 13 , From this point, ijarah principles of Islamic banking are developed by Islamic economists and literatures. Pricing was ranked third by both Muslims and non-Muslims, consistent with the study of Haron et al. Operating and Finance Lease……………………………………. IAS 17 requires the disclosure of the method for income recognition and future minimum lease payment receivable for specified future payment. Awareness of Islamic banking products among Muslims:

An Introduction to Islamic Finance. Literature Review Leasing and Ijarah have in common, the asset-backing principle. The review additionally spotlights the disappointments of Islamic keeping money. Thus, the choice of Muslims themselves, in a first instance, will be a decisive factor for the survival of Islamic products. The leasing period of lease must be clearly determined.

Esmael, There are several important issues impacting upon accounting in Ijarah, the most important ones being provision for doubtful debts and depreciation.

literature review on ijarah

Overall, this study is undertaken with the anticipation that it will bring valuable information and benefit society as a whole. Data were analyzed using econometric model of multiple regressions.

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From theseveral salient features of Islamic finance can be. Interest in Other Religious Texts………………………………… Sources of information This question was not applicable to an exceptionally high proportion of respondents as they were not Ijarah users.

The subject of lease must have a valuable use and thus, dormant assets which have no real use cannot be leased under Ijarah. Second, industrial networking is important if an Islamic bank wishes to penetrate the new car market segment in addition to the existing financing facilities on offer. He pays the processing fees and maintains a deposit with the Company.


The future of the Islamic bank relies on the hands of the reviews working in the organization. The following is a review of literature of the factors affecting the selection of Ijarah. The questionnaire was devised based on various sources of literature: The response of non-Muslims is as follows: Mauritians, by nature, are very secretive when it comes to their financial transactions which explain the high ranking given by both Muslims and non- Muslims.

literature review on ijarah

This research is also an analytical one as it tries to explain the relationship between the different variables under study. Islamic organisations and mosques could be a gateway to propagation of the principles of IBF among Muslims.

Mean score rreview rank of all factors for both groups is shown in Table 5. This question was not applicable to some respondents since they had leased out an asset before. Ijarah is 10 It is an alienation of lawful usufructs for a fixed charge for a Maliki fix period.

literature review on ijarah

Literature Review Mansurip. Awareness This paper questioned whether knowledge of Ijarah-wa-iqtina among tricycles operators have any bearing in their possible acceptance of the product litegature not and therefore, hypothesized that there is no significant relationship between awareness of Ijarah-wa-iqtina and its possible acceptance by the tricycles operators in Kano metropolis.

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Moreover, there were 11 leasing companies operating in Mauritius as atall of them licensed by the Financial Services Commission and BOM. Educational Level of Respondents Most of the surveyed respondents had high educational qualifications: Social Science Research Network [online] Available from: Kuran explained that the review takes a gander at the purposes behind Islamic law not building thesis energy conservation a legitimate lawful framework or why Islamic law did not acquire a lawful framework from another routine framework.


Among the most widely used syariah principles recommended by these scholars can be broadlyThe case study provides a path for more research on contract for vehicle leasing. Published literature concerning Islamic Lease and Conventional Lease discussed separately as under. Conclusion and Recommendations 6. Data Analysis 60 years and Age above 4. An Empirical Analysis No. The Company makes payment to the supplier.

Literature review on ijarah

Layout of Questionnaire Covering letter It explains the purpose of the study. IFIs are in competition with long-established conventional banks and are challenged with the traditional Mauritian culture of interest-based dealings. The first number represents the Chapter whereas the second number refers to the verse number.

The first Ijarah product exists in Mauritius since and yet, awareness among Mauritians is very low.