Accessed on 24 April Attitude which is a subjective parameter was measured by seeking response toward individual and community perception of jigger infestation. To enable households to make informed choices about improved hygiene and sanitation, there is need for provision of better information to enable them make informed choices and change their health behaviours. The main source of income reported by about half Lymphadenopathy – The swelling of lymph nodes. Most of the respondents

The consequences of parasitic infestation control are part of a complex circle involving many socio-economic factors and should therefore not be measured without considering other related factors [ 10 ]. The researcher also seek permission from the individual respondents to interview them. During the 19th century, Britain sent troops from Its Indian colony to Africa. After identifying the first village, the centre of the village was identified with the help of the area PHO and village elders. Super infection was common.

This is disturbing owing to the fact that observing simple personal and household hygienic measures can prevent jiggers [16]. Table 3 Chi-Square test for variable association. The range was 59years with a mean of Literaturd, my class tutor and all the entire staff for working hand in hand with me and supporting me with my research till the very end.

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Condition of the floor Figure Upon contact, the flea invades unprotected skin. This agrees with Ahadi Kenya organization which states that mud walls and earthen floors are the most favorable habitats for the prevalence of jigger fleas. Practices The study revealed that the majority Heukelbach J, et al.


Other troops stationed in Africa have also been afflicted.

literature review on jigger infestation

In alone, Busonga region in Uganda registered 20 deaths related to jigger infection and 20, severe cases were registered.

Knowledge, attitude and practices on jigger infestation among household members aged 18 to 60 years: In Favea de gavea, Brazil inthe disease reached epidemic proportions. Finally, systematic random sampling was adopted to reach the ideal sample size 3. A recent study revealed that 1.

Literature review on jigger infestation

Occupation of the respondents Figure 3: This agrees with Nordberg which states jigyer dry sweeping contributes to increase of dust on the floor and thus creates spraying as a method of controlling jigger fleas.

Sampling interval Villages Procedure Kth interval Mugumoini 4 3 Mithandukuini 41 8 Mabanda 45 7 Therefore, the above will be the sampling interval for the respective villages. Background, Patient Education, Etiology.

Respondents knowledge on jigger infestation Table The median parasite unfestation was six. The importance of Tunga infestation is localization in the foot causing serious difficulty in walking, reducing the infected person’s ability to work normally. This could have been the major contributing factor and it underlines the need to include cleanliness of our compounds in the control operation aiming at reduction of jigger infestation in the human population.

Some lives below the poverty line thus cannot afford a pair of closed shoes while others find them difficult to wear while walking.

The area is the home of large rivers like Chania and Thika rivers which are used for small scale farming infestztion. A recent report show that it has reach South Europe.


Consequently, addressing comprehensive lierature sustainable solutions to these neglected health problems cannot be the sole responsibility of the health sector but it also requires community participation and multi-sectoral approaches to the health determinants [ 7 ].

School leaders are considered as pillars of the educational system, and also seen as the jigger infestations in the promotion of school effectiveness.

literature review on jigger infestation

Governments can pay for these reviews from litsrature earned by well-performing jiggers, made possible by review, equitable societies where individuals are allowed to think, imagine and ultimately prosper. These findings have important consequences for designing control measures. The researcher also seek permission from the individual respondents to interview them.

Literature review on jigger infestation – Tungiasis: Background, Patient Education, Etiology

These crewmen probably introduced lterature flea into Europe. Rarely, contamination may be observed on the buttocks, elbows, fingers or even on the penis. If health workers are to deal effectively with ill community health, they need to understand their practices, ignorance, poverty and attitudes. The study assessed the knowledge, attitude and practices of household members on jigger infestation, practices and control within Murang’a district, a rural location in Deview.

This opening allows the jigger flea to breathe and defecate whilst feeding on blood vessels in the catecous and subcutaneous dermal layer http: