Jack Kuipers Sep Abstract: This enables the identification of two common patterns characterized by exogenous spikes, along with three shapes that feature seasonality and varying growth and relaxation signatures around peaks. The pro- posed improvements on the residual structure are necessary for estimating the parameters and its confidence intervals. Results show that our novel AdaCF model performs the best overall amongst the benchmark models, with only marginally lower metric scores in certain cases. Here, we present the theory that support the basic models from both frameworks and carefully expose the probabilistic background needed for the use of transformations and the introduction of autocorrelation in the stochastic models.

Current approaches can be broadly divided into those that compare two images taken at similar periods of the year and those that monitor changes by using multiple images taken during the growing season. In addition, we develop a model that restricts interactions and non-linearities to a subset of variables tailored to the nature of our data and propose a new approach to learning rate scheduling by uniting two existing approaches. Next, we estimate the cost effect, and finally, we suggest changes of the selection process in order to prepare the ground for sound causal inference. Didier Sornette Aug Abstract: This thesis aims to improve the statistical estimation of the LPPLS model by allowing the residuals of the parametric model to have an auto-regressive part and heteroskedasticity in the inno- vations.

Mitral valve segmentation is a crucial first step to establish a machine learning pipeline that can aid medical practitioners in the diagnosis of mitral valve dis- eases, surgical planning, and intraoperative procedures.

In contrast to typical simulation designs, we do not arbitrarily generate new data, but rely on existing datasets on which several different models are fitted. The pre-optimization and simultaneous execution of these models provide a higher degree of freedom in the system in search of the optimum. We show that our system performs competitively with other systems on a standardized separation task.


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Jack Kuipers Sep Abstract: We try to detect these changes and estimate the covariance matrices in the resulting segments. A good prediction of mobile phone sales can be extremely valuable for tele-communications carriers.

We train an end-to-end map-less motion planner in a simulation environment, which takes target data along with laser sensor data as inputs, and outputs robot motion commands. A Machine Learning Approach Prof. The experiments show promising results to use convolutional neural network to obtain automated detection and foci based biomarkers for build on medical studies. The main factors affecting these changes are the normalization method and the severity of the prior feature selection.

These univari- ate estimators are: And that’s the world in which Tecan plays a vital role – helping advance healthcare – through advanced life science research and diagnostic solutions.

Marloes Maathuis Jul Abstract: Fast development of computer techno-logies over the past years made it possible to treat numerous mathematical problems, which were formerly reserved for theoretical analysis, with numerical methods.

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The analysis performed during the study, involving correlation and classification per- formance, were repeated after the application of various preprocessings. We suggest do- ing further experiments to compare and find the merits and drawbacks of each selection criteria. The pro- posed improvements on masster residual structure are necessary for estimating the parameters and its confidence intervals. For variable selection, we study a newly proposed swissquang very interesting idea called knockoffs.

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It is also important to point out that a deep comparison between the models is not completely fair, due to the their inner nature: Mastwr Meier May Abstract: For signals off the grids, semi-definite programming is used to recover signals. However, the application on several different data sets shows a rapid decrease in performance with increasing amount of variables.


This study proposes a way to measure the impacts thessis hypo-thetical interventions while using machine learning algorithms instead of the commonly used linear regression approach in econometrics. Topic The thesis will focus on the estimation of high-frequency covariance dynamics for financial assets, with the purpose of developing a methodology to assess intraday portfolio risk figures.

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In case of a non-linear data generating mechanism, we fit natural cubic splines by optimising a loss function. One exception is the so-called Nodewise Knockoff method. Over the course of four chapters, results and concepts are introduced step by step, allowing to prove the final results in full detail.

Brian McWilliams Sep Abstract: We study one of the current State-of-the-Art algorithms based on deep convolutional networks and implement a music source separation system based on it. In addition, considering our response variable is ordinal, we also proposed four “near” measures: Chapter 5 deals with the hugely important concept of symmetrization and, with the ideas of Chapter 3, applies this to the non measurable map implied by the empirical process.

This thesis aims to develop a methodological framework for predicting parking lot occupancy rates for the city of Swissuqant empirically.

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