Answered Sep 15, He then answered all of them in between and asked: Be prepared with your resume, they will ask in and out from it!! Here are my suggestions: We will shortly respond over your candidature. Why there is a decrease in your percentage as you move towards Engineering?

How to solve Infosys Placement Papers? H Patel College of Engg. Answered Jan 2, They will conduct first round as written test, to crack this written test you have to learn two subjects. How to solve Infosys Placement Papers? Around people were gathered in auditorium and interview process got started at 9:

The apti includes 3 sections. So do some reading practice for passages and you’ll be able to clear this section easily. Quants Section — There was this one particular question I remember which was similar to this one: How to solve Infosys Placement Papers?

Be selective in your approach and don’t waste too much time for a single question. How did Vikram manage to seat everybody to the best advantage on the second and third evenings? This section is crucial for your overall selection as there is sectional cut off for each section.

Me- May I come in sir!! Well I feel I can be the right person to answer this Infosys visited our campus on 13th September The exam consisted of 3sections section 1. Verbal Thinkig Again Indiabix verbal ability is more than enough.


Infosys Placement Papers – Infosys Placement Paper (Aptitude Section) (ID)

Why Infosys Placement Papers? None of the prisoners took the road which was their namesake. Then there was a question on number series. Hai friends I am Aravind from Kerala.

Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers. How do I crack the Infosys written test? Also you can check for the previous year question paper and can focus more on concepts of quant and apti that are more frequently asked.

How to solve Infosys Placement Papers?

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After waiting for the whole day my time for interview came at 6: In this section there are 40 bits which tests your verbal ability and the time allotted thhinking 35 minutes. Test of English communication 40 questions, 35 mins: On the first evening members sat around the table alphabetically. Data Interpretation- Inbdiabix is enough.

mathematical critical thinking indiabix

Then there is a websites like PrepInsta and MyGeekmonkey. The first two mathrmatical were really very easy. If one fifth imdiabix orange juice is removed from a 1 litre bottle containing 75 percent juice and is replaced with the water. Since I did not know about the types of questions asked in the exam, I started looking for sites that clamied that they had the questions that were asked in the Off Campus Referral Drive of Infosys.


In period of days from the date of your interview, you will received a “Rejection mail”, If you are rejected. If repeated, hardly two or three will be repeated. Anything can be asked.

mathematical critical thinking indiabix

H Patel College of Engg. This site has all kind of mock tests including that of amcat, elitmus, etc. Crack the written exam, prepare all the topics mentioned above and be positive and confident in interview. What indibix are required to clear the Infosys written test as well as an interview? Around people were gathered in auditorium and interview process got started at 9: