The provision of safe water and adequate food depends almost entirely on outside assistance, which is the life-support system for Goma. The rest of the pipe network damaged in the eruption was being restored during the time of our visit with the help of ICRC, with an east-west connecting pipe being laid in the still-hot main lava flow. Episodic lava-lake filling at Nyiragongo began on 23 June, the first such activity since when the lake first refilled after the eruption. Home Explore Case study of a Volcanic eruption: Risk assessment in this crisis should include the regular input of health experts, together with international relief agencies and NGO’s working in Goma. The interpretation of the lava flow behaviour and how the different types of lava formed during the phases of the eruption requires study by volcanologists. Food and fuel also became scarce, and water could not be boiled.

About 30, people stayed in the west part of the city during the eruption, and this area is not on the network. The WHO office had been devastated in the main lava flow. Goma Hospital is located at the base of Mt Goma, and was the only public hospital that remained open during the crisis. This analysis of the human health impact of eruptions at Nyiragongo volcano is directed towards the vulnerability and mitigation issues that require to be considered in a risk assessment for future eruptions, including the potential for a catastrophic gas burst at Lake Kivu. The findings indicate that most, if not all, the lava drained from the crater lake out through the fissures, even as far as fissures in Goma itself. There are no large industrial complexes or major storage facilities for chemicals or flammables, except for fuel at gas stations and the airport.

At the UN OCHA Scientific Co-ordinating Committee meeting in April, a plan of work was agreed, the results of which would be fed into a quantified risk assessment by a team of experts meeting in Goma planned for late Appendix 2.

The numbers of deaths in both scenarios needs to be balanced, with the scales weighing more heavily in favour of evacuation if the NGO’s are prepared sufficiently to cope Appendix 2. Water samples were obtained for analysis by the British Geological Survey in March from the lake and nyirxgongo two streams in Sake which were used for drinking water. Houses for rent were available, and those who had money rented rooms and space towards the west of the town. Two major lava nyjragongo up to 2 m.


There is abundant evidence from around the globe that post-disaster economies revive quickly if stidy has a little money to spend.

Case study of a Volcanic eruption : Mt. Nyiragongo

It remains an open question whether the Goma Volcano Observatory can work effectively under such difficult circumstances, even with international support. Houses in Goma have latrines dug into the ancient lava flows from Nyiragongo on which the city is built.

Why was there no outbreak of enteric disease after the 17 January eruption? Mortality and morbidity were remarkably low in the light of the lava flow hazard.

mt nyiragongo case study

Problems continued with the system being overloaded and unstable for the power supply to the water pumping stations of REGIDESO, one of the two hospitals and the flour mill, for example. The spectre of a recurrence of epidemics of cholera and other enteric infections in an evacuation of the present population of the Goma area, whether in a volcanic crisis or for other reasons, such as conflict, continues to haunt relief workers, and has to be weighed in any risk assessment of a future eruption of Nyiragongo volcano.

More pumping stations are needed in case the two existing ones are damaged by lava flows.

mt nyiragongo case study

Related reports filtered by disaster and studh Democratic Republic of the Congo. The scientific institute in which the GVO is embedded does not appear to be functioning. There was no immediate danger of starvation.

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Perhaps goods should casr been given only to women, as at one point UNICEF had decided to do, or only to children, or only through churches. The electrical grid needs strengthening so that power can be switched along different routes when a line is disrupted by a lava flow.

mt nyiragongo case study

The present report has been compiled following a field visit in March as a major contribution from the health sector towards the short and long term emergency planning process and the scientific evaluation of the volcanic crisis. These concerns were rekindled by the lava flow into the lake in January.


The case for cash: Goma after the Nyiragongo eruption – ODI HPN

The GVO has to have credibility with these organizations and the international agencies such as WHO, and their credibility is now being enhanced by the visible input of expert foreign scientists. Video footage of the lava flows entering the city was made from this vantage point.

However, Goma is built on its previous lava flows a major nyriagongo has been dated yr BP. The rise in the lava lake level increased the risk of a flow breaking out down one of the flanks as in The most obvious difference between the two lava flows is that the western one had cooled much more than the main one by the time it reached Goma.

For the local people, as Tazieff learned, the volcano was a resting place for the souls of their ancestors. However, seismic activity continues at a high level and scientists are concerned that tectonic rifting may still be occurring. The possible release and dispersion yniragongo gases from Lake Kivu myiragongo to be modelled for hazard mapping purposes.

In particular, a huge school rebuilding programme generated budgets, employment and an explosion of small workshops making desks and chairs. These events raised international concern over the hazard of the two volcanoes to the settled refugees.

At the time of writing, no nyiragpngo imminent eruptive threat to the population from Nyiragongo has been identified. Stuxy marked disproportional increase in attendances for eye complaints also occurred in the days following the eruption. The aid response, both by the UN and NGOs, focused on this loss of shelter, and defined entitlement to assistance according to its loss. You can publish your book online for free in nyiragonngo few minutes! The main descriptive points in his report23 are as follows:.

Many refugees failed to reach health facilities, and the relatively few health workers on the scene were overwhelmed.