Once you have subscribed to MyMaths we will send you a confirmation email including your login credentials. Help for subscribers can be found on our support site. MyMaths is an easy-to-use whole-school subscription for teaching primary maths. Printer-friendly view Share this. It allows you to choose lessons to match maths curriculum objectives and assign matching homework activities within minutes, freeing your time to get on with teaching! Reviews MyMaths helps children achieve their full potential.

As a parent can I subscribe to MyMaths? It has made the administration of homework so much easier and allowed us to concentrate on the classroom and target individual needs. MyiMaths supports all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but please make sure your Chrome or Firefox browsers are up-to-date and your Internet Explorer is version 11 or higher. Printer-friendly view Share this. Fantastic value for money, a far better option than photocopying endless worksheets, MyMaths offers genuine benefits to all aspects of teaching and learning. I have subscribed to MyMaths, what happens now? Help for students Q.

Try the Short Division Online Homework by clicking on sample image below.

In here you should see your homework on the first screen you come to. Unfortunately our customer services team are unable to give out these details except to the designated contact for your institution.

Discover more about the new Secondary Portal. What type of computer do I need to have to use MyiMaths? What can my xlive do to improve security around data on MyiMaths? Can I create direct links to MyMaths resources?


Help for teachers Q. The lessons, the homework tasks, the assessment, the instant feedback for students, specific lessons on topics, the variation in material, the games. I mathhs also used it for independent work for students as I have found the explanations accessible to students, and I like how the student is involved in the development of a homedork or concept. MyMaths will then remember who they are and automatically log them in to the tasks.

What international curricula does MyiMaths support?

mymaths online homework bringing maths alive

How do I find the homework my child has been set? Home Subjects My Maths. Games At MyiMaths we believe students should be fully engaged whilst learning and practising mathematical skills.

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Visit our Primary Site MyMaths Primary is an interactive online teaching and homework subscription website for ages that builds pupil engagement and consolidates mathematical knowledge.

Pupils find the site accessible and fun, and their motivation to improve results and progress through the mymats, either using Booster packs to move up to the next level or simple hone certain skills to improve their scores, is astounding.

mymaths online homework bringing maths alive

As MyMaths is a fully online resource you will need nothing but an Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser with inbuilt Flash, or a recent version of Flash installed on jaths computer. Current page Page 1 of 1. It is a wonderful resource! This should help them to develop their mathematical understanding and give them opportunities to practice independently and homeowrk you to see how they are progressing.


How do I view my homework? School and personal usernames and passwords were given to individual children last half term in a letter.

How do I pay for my subscription? MyiMaths is not able to give out login details directly to students or their parents for security reasons. When the child is confident with the lesson content, they can then close the lesson and go to the worksheet. MyiMaths allows teachers and students to easily view and access resources that are suitable for the mymahs international curriculas:.

Primary MyMaths

Whittington Primary School, Staffordshire The whole of the school has found it to be a fantastic resource! This ensures the scores are recorded and logged under their name. Primary MyMaths Fun and flexible online homework, lessons and maths games.

From here you can create a class, and each student will have their own personal login generated to use at home. MyMaths is an online learning platform for schools worldwide. How do I view my homework?

Automarked, homework activities provide an opportunity for formative assessment, with results fed through instantly to the Assessment Manager. How do I subscribe?

mymaths online homework bringing maths alive

Reviews MyMaths helps children achieve their full potential. Once you have subscribed homeeork MyMaths we will send you a confirmation email including your login credentials.