On the one hand, her first name, Lamia, refers to a classical Greek mythological figure, commonly represented with the head and breasts of a woman and the body of a serpent. According to certain theories, Postmodernism makes a conscious use of the cyclical nature of mythical narrations in response to the anxieties of frag- mentation and isolation of the self. Therefore, by the application of the monomyth to the postmodern contemporary society, the novel seems to actualize the classical pattern, percolating it with contemporary ideas —such as the deca- dence of metanarratives like Reality or Culture— and techniques —such as pastiche and rewriting of canon- ical old stories and intertexts—. However, they tell him nothing, and he has to flee from the lair of the monsters before he is himself killed. This character reflects the power of names.

It is this need that makes the hero move in a cyclical, never-ending pattern. Thus, Neil Gaiman does not offer new mythologies for this Post- modern world. The aim of this essay is to analyse how Neil Gaiman consciously employs a mythical structure in this novel, and how in many cases he subverts the final aim of this pattern. Does he make the right decision in returning to London Below? Identity, Community, Culture, Difference. In fact, the shadow offers only a fatalistic escape: With friends youll third of language to a few samples of an conversations take hates his artistic them to avoid a third of meant round of art.

Please cite evidence from the book as you compare and contrast these two integral settings from the book. Is it indifference to his fiancee and to his life in general that opens him up to Door and her world?

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Why would it be impossible for him to marry Jessica now? Jackson, Rosemary, His dead body is transported on a shopping cart, and later on, thrown into a deep channel of brown water.


He rewrites and adapts classical traditions and myths to new per- ceptions of reality. In contrast, Door is not com- pletely displaced from her common environment, although she also follows the pattern of development and revelation towards a change of perception of her world. Send Us Site Feedback. He has accepted his natural drive towards fantasy, as neverqhere only standing force against established reality.


Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. She is a kind of immortal nveerwhere who dwells in the streets of London and seems to actualize the myth of the wandering Jew.

In this sense, she is also a point of union of the two different nar- ratives from the two opposed realities.

neverwhere essay topics

Hence, in keeping with this vital metamor- phosis, when he appears at the end of the novel to take Richard back to the Under- side, the Marquis does not ask him for a favour in exchange. On the other hand, her family name, Velvet, suggests the richness and softness of a type of cloth associated with tempting women. He has fallen through the cracks of reality and has landed somewhere different, somewhere that is Neverwhere.

Two Week Quiz A. In the novel, the Marquis mentions The Wizard of Oz. This fact involves an upper level of meaning: Of course, being a down-on-his-luck nice guy, he helps her out, returning her to his apartment. In fact, the shadow offers only a fatalistic escape: Then one night he stumbles across a girl bleeding on the sidewalk.

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Winterson, Jeanette, Through the application of a dualistic logic that recalls the findings of the New Physics, Jungian psychology and the mythical tension between chaos and cosmos, these novelists use parody, pastiche and the metafictional undermining of realism-enhancing mechanisms to suggest the fragmentation and isolation of the self, while simultaneously attempting to transcend this isolation and fragmentation in mythical and archetypal terms Neverwhere is the home of the Lady Door, the mysterious girl whom Richard rescued in the London Above.


Moreover, he is standing between his past and his future life, separated by his symbolic —as well as physical— death. Considering his adventure from the per- spective of the Campbellian quest, this is the moment of apotheosis of the hero, the moment of rebirth into knowledge.

The aim of this article is to analyse how Neil Gaiman consciously employs a mythical structure in his first novel, Neverwhereand how he subverts the final aim of this pattern.

An amazing story that will stand the test of time, Neverwhere will remain in my head for years to come. It is just the irrationality of chaotic nature Gaiman, Neil and John Bolton, Why does Door implicitly trust de Carabas, and does Richard trust him as well or just go along?

To this end, Hunter, the warrior in charge of protecting the group, has to be sacrificed by the narration and avenged by the hero, who is already conscious of being the chosen one by means of several dreams of the Beast that he had had.

neverwhere essay topics

Thus, by means of her name, Lamia and Velvet fuse the classical Greek mythology with the decadent and dangerous con- temporary underworld of London Below. It is also important to point out that he is even given jeverwhere new name. Argumentative essay — outline framework elaccrl2: