I really love Alex Buzo decisions on the twp stereotypes of the characters Norm and Ahmed which contrast really well with one another. I would have everything reasonably close o the front and centre stage with minimal use of props. What happens to Norm? I like how the two characters of the play contrast with each other. November 2, at 8: Dis Ahmed actually die?

What did Ahmed do to deserve this act of violence? All the different themes the were represented in the play made it very intriguing. I loved reading this as an insight of Australian history and the society in the s through theatre which is a new experience for me. October 31, at I believe the highest tension is created when Norm offers Ahmed a cigarette and a lighter.

norm and ahmed and the removalists essay

It would impact on my judgement of the characters. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I very much enjoyed how Australian history was incorporated into the dialogue, along with some incredibly funny things. Alex Buzo did a terrific job by making this play meaningful and humorous as well.

Norm and Ahmed is an excellent play.

Staging choices and ‘The Removalists’ | Year 12 Drama

Certain actions that both character do always creates great tension. The concept of the play is so simple, but so affectiveI would love to see this performed one day!


The teacher seems to mark by his own mysterious, objective methods, and none of us can figure out how to please him with our essay work Are we removalits to write in first person for the exporential? Tension is created throughout the rdmovalists play, until the tension climaxes right at the end. I like how the two characters of the play contrast with each other.

I really enjoyed this play; I would love to see it onstage! Especially the ones at the beginning with just Norm onstage, the symbols and representations portrayed here are so amazing! How is the tension created? View all posts by heathdennelly. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Year 12 Drama

November 5, at 1: I also love how it touches on massive problems in society such as racism. November 2, at 8: Ans 11, at 6: What did Ahmed do to deserve this act of violence? I would also like to know both Ahmed before meeting Norm and vice versa.

The play builds this tension as the play progresses.

Drama essays -HELP!!!!

What provoked Norm to be so violent and brutal? I would stage it on a traditional stage, with simple lighting.

The dialogue between the characters create tension from the word go! I would have a backdrop of a quiet street with street lamps lining the edge of the stage. I didnt really understand it the first time i read it by myself so I got little confused.


I really enjoy the realism nature to it, how it brings out what actually happens to shock the audience. How is tension created? Damn I did different topics so I can’t help. About heathdennelly Drama teacher from Australia.

What are some of the must-do points for a drama essay? The action would be set in the centre of the stage, with the bin on the right and the bus.

norm and ahmed and the removalists essay

November 3, at 4: The bus stop would be on stage left and the bin would be on stage right with a lamp post in the middle of them both. Throughout the play tension slowly builds with initial points of contact created by Norm to Ahmed for reovalists when Norm first meets Ahmed.