They will give you the in-depth training you need to excel in your chosen subfield right from day one. It is understood that at least a hundred students have seen counsellors. Finally, in , CNM was given full status as a department. NTU added that immediate trauma counselling is open to all affected students and staff. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 1st job: Correct length comes from correct amount of details and correct scope; Putting in unrelated materials demonstrate your poor understanding of the subject matter naturally deserves “marking down”.

Some would call Communications an “applied” field while the traditional arts and humanities fields are “academic”. So, would you have any advice on this? If that’s surprising to you, it might be because you’ve always had the impression that WKWSCI is the premier education provider of communications courses in Singapore with an established history and excellent track record. University of Electronic Science and Technology , China 1st job: HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.

If you prefer reading and thinking about stuff, CNM would be a better match for you.

And unlike the Singaporean students who can talk to their relatives, international students find it difficult because they live far away from their family.

High Accuracy Star Tracker for Nanosatellite. I don’t know much about PhD programmes. The “correct amount of details” varies from journal papers, degree thesis, to internal reports If you do this, btu may not have as much expertise concentrated in one area, but the diverse range of knowledge and skills you possess opens up more opportunities for you across varied job functions.

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Students who haven’t firmly decided on Communications as their preferred field of study should also enroll into FASS because it’s easy to change to a different major within the faculty if you find that Communications isn’t for you nti all.


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University of Electronic Science and TechnologyChina 1st job: So there’s no way any of us can possibly meet all of them. I think there was also an incident thezis this a few years back, but of course the student just wrote to the media or something like that i can’t really recall, the stuff that fell on him then was really bad.

How committed are you when you make a decision? Cheng Chen chen e.

ntu fyp thesis

Elicia 13 February at The purpose of writing such volumes is to pack as much detail as possible into one place. If you graduate with the basic three-year degree, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage in your search for a job in the communications sector as your domain knowledge will be nru shallow. A check with Singapore’s other universities showed there are systems in place to identify and counsel students at risk.

I doubt his grades were slipping lately. Li Lingpeng lili e.

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Is CNM a minnow in comparison? Many students pursue university courses in Communications because they aspire to join the communications industry as corporate communications executives, public relations account managers, social media content developers, website administrators, thesiw designers, copywriters, journalists, and so on. Students don’t have many module spaces left free to explore the vital hands-on aspects of communications like public relations thesiz visual design, particularly in their first three years.

But still, experts point out there is no fool-proof system to detect troubled students.


ntu fyp thesis

Foreign students tell Channel NewsAsia that stress often presents itself in loneliness and pressure over academic affairs. Unknown 25 April at It can do so with a lot more leeway and flexibility without having to accommodate other unrelated modules that its students are forced to take. Correct length comes from correct amount of details and correct scope; Putting in unrelated materials demonstrate your poor understanding of the subject matter naturally deserves “marking down”.

I’ve tried to be as objective as thseis but my bias may creep in at times because I’m only human. You just have to consciously seek them out and opt for them, as opposed to them being fixed for you to take as compulsory modules like in WKWSCI.

You are free to mix and match modules from across all three areas in any way you like. University of Electronic Science and TechnologyChina. Li Zhi e e. Many netizens have also expressed their condolences to David’s family and sympathies for Prof Chan, wishing him a speedy recovery. The incident has also generated a number of responses from Indonesian students who have studied or are studying in Singapore, describing the education system here as being in a high-pressured nti.

The Widjaja family were visibly upset when they arrived at the Singapore General Hospital’s mortuary. What kind of learner are you? Timothy Hsi, university counsellor, SMU, said: