The majority of these research projects were presented as posters to family, peers and faculty, who walked the rows of posters and asked questions of their creators; however, two projects are selected each year to be presented on stage before a seated audience. Please use these guidelines in preparing your data for analysis. Core Competencies Please click the core competency to view its learning objectives. The training of our students to become compassionate physicians starts with skills instruction and patient encounters beginning in the first semester. After postdoctoral training at the University of Texas M. Class of Embark Research Abstract Book. Art and Practice of Medicine 4, 5.

It includes a research project, service learning project, and an electronic career portfolio. At the right column is a link to the OU Appstore. When a lovers quarrel broke out, everybody knew about it. Current affiliations with non-VSAS institutions and their expiration dates are listed below. Once your IRB application is approved, you may proceed with Data Collection specifically as described in your approved protocol s. M4 students share research at Embark Capstone Colloquium. Please upgrade to a modern browser such as the ones listed below:

This capstone program allows students to pursue their passion in a mentored environment, while producing scholarly work of scientific or social importance. For IRB applications to Beaumont, please use the following information and capsgone.

Course and Clerkship Personnel.

ouwb capstone project

The faculty in general treated students very well and really wanted to teach. You start with an idea for some research that you take from conception through IRB submission, and ideally to a manuscript. If you think your project does not involve human subjects, but is still occurring at Beaumont or with Beaumont resources, you may still need to submit an IRB application for official Beaumont IRB excusal.


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Both Oakland University and Beaumont have an IRB that handles research studies occurring within their respective locations. The student presenters included: Additionally, Directed Independent Research rotations are possible to continue working on Embark or other research projects.

You only need to complete the modules for the institution to which you intend to submit your IRB application. Student Learning Outcomes Students will demonstrate the ability to: When a lovers quarrel broke out, everybody knew about it.

ouwb capstone project

How to Become a Mentor. From your capstone project, at the very least you will have a poster session to present. Seeing how well the clinicians and residents were treated here as compared to some of the other places I had seen was very eye opening. Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox. With both vertical and horizontal integration to the overall academic mission, the Embark program represents an important component of the OUWB curriculum that seeks to encourage a passion for life-long learning, and the development of research design and implementation skills in all of our future physicians.

Three of these nine students will be chosen to receive the award. Embark is a required scholarly concentration program of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine OUWB that provides a mentored introduction to research and scholarship.

OUWB student assists in Beaumont Alzheimer’s research

Funds will not be distributed until IRB approval is granted. She even offered to drop off us when some of projecy rides were really late. Please submit an appointment request with Ms. His efforts in educational outreach programs for K students have been recognized nationally. Class of Capstone Abstract Presentations.

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IRB application or amendment is prepared by the student and mentor collaboratively. Access to two versions of SPSS is available. The goal of Embark is to support the OUWB student in a scholarly-based research experience during their M1 to M4 years, while fostering an appreciation for lifelong learning.


ouwb capstone project

Included in these topics are development of a research question, constructing a research proposal, and the important aspects of research regulatory bodies internal review board IRB.

Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox. Patient Care PC 1. Clinical faculty may be eligible for meaningful participation points by providing the service of mentoring. This year, the selected projects were done by Eman Sahloul, who ousb the ways in which conflict affects cancer care with a focus on Syria, and Fred Qafiti, who developed a point-based risk scoring rubric to help identify women who are cpastone likely not to show up to an important obstetric wellness visit, which projdct place around 6 weeks after giving birth.

This flagship hospital itself has over 1, beds and has all the latest and greatest. Musculo-skeletal, Connective Tissue and Skin 5 weeks. Please caapstone to a modern browser such as the ones listed below: The Meaningful Participation Program is designed to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the Beaumont medical staff in dedicating the time and expertise necessary to assure that every graduate of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine has received the training necessary to become an effective, compassionate contributor to the well being of the community.

In this course we will examine the foundations and perspectives of several disciplines.