They will stimulate their skill if they do own decision. Some careers may appear glamorous,for example singing or modeling but the prospects may not be good. However, talking of parents making career choice for their children is not totally unacceptable. But they do not know all of these functions can be easily achieved by Google map and the only thing you should do is bringing a smart phone with you. Whether to attend school or not? In addition I also agree that parent should make a decision to control their child social life.

Children should be allowed to do this even if means making some mistakes only mistakes – no blunders. We choose our career when we are about 17 years old. They may decide to mingle with bad friends but that will cause them understand the real life. For choosing friends for example, it is a good when parents aware of their children sociallife. However, I feel, in most cases, a person has to make up his own mind after talking to a number of people, including his parents. Summarizing, I adhere to the opinion, that in age of years old, teenagers can and ought to act up to their own discretion making important decisions by themselves. As a teenager, they does not want their decision to be made by others, but they want their voice to be hear.

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Who should choose the career of a child – parents or children?

State your three points. One more why parent should make important decision for the child is on age child mentally is unstable because they not have many experience on life and the parent do not child do a same mistake in life. It is simply because the teenagers are not matured enough to make decisions in their lives. Children should also be given the right to choose their career path and live their dreams but the real world experience of parents definitely can’t be put on a back seat.


Also, parent must do it in the way that muwt children can accept, do not force them and try to slow talk with them. As they are grown up, hest should give them chance to make their own decision. Continue to the title, I totally agree on that topic parent should make important decision for their teenage child because our parents more know better than child.

In choosing our carrier, we must choose carrier that will guarantee our family future. xs

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The generation gap, the problem of parents and children is the one of most serious problems in the world. From then on, i admired him and his arts from far away now that i am a senior in high school, i am required to write an extended essay on one of the six subjects. So they should be guided by parents or other older adult relatives.

Children should leave the choice of their career on their parents and must focus on the on-going exams. It because, in this periods their hormones will changes. Giving children an opportunity to make any decision by themselves will cause them able to stand on their own feet when they grow up.

That shows the importance of parents making decisions. Mostly some child after finished their school life they more reefer to find work at city or town. Parents may not need their children to work very far from their own home. As self-satisfaction is the highest motive of existence, children should be allowed to choose their career on their own. If their children like to be the architecture, let them reach their dream.


So, parents should be like good friends for them to share all the problems either about study or relationship. Moreover, they know the best things that I made.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

An independent life is a big and significant part in a person’s life. In this ages, they feel to be more freedom from their parents. This is to prevent from bad life. So, the got mote experienced in the way of through this life.

Parents know best as far as careers are concerned Essay

Children are just like a white sheet. Introductory paragraph should contain the background of the topic and the statement.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

As a conclusion, I believe that young people should trust their parents because they wish their children only the best. And before all these happened or become worst, parents should strictly made a decision for their kids or at least, allowed their teenage to make their own decision under some conditions.

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The parent want the best for their children because they had through this life many year than their children. Sometime the words of their friends would be like honey to them. If some family members are not glad with the choice of a marriage partner, parent will create some tension in the family.

But for me we still under age to thinks a bad and good thing enough. Parents busy with their personal life such as working, handling their family or mute business, outstations for earn money for family income.