Note that only one regulatory activity is to be submitted per email. Return to table 1 footnote d referrer. A first iteration of this document was developed to include DIN applications and published in June Return to table G-2 footnote 6 referrer. Drug Product Dosage Forms:

A code created by Health Canada to uniquely identify the dossier. Guidance documents are administrative instruments not having force of law and, as such, allow for flexibility in approach. Table 3 footnotes Table 3 footnote 1 Required only for Clinical Trial regulatory activities. PRAC will create 1 report using a single assessment framework for all products with the same active substance and share it with the relevant MA holders. In addition, the following are exceptions to this requirement: Division 5 Sample Folder Structure s. In February , the third iteration widening the scope to introduce Part C, Division 5 and Division 8 human drugs of the Food and Drugs Regulations was published.

X Table 1 footnote lettet. Return to table G-2 footnote 1 referrer. It is the responsibility of the stakeholder preparing the regulatory transaction to ensure that hyperlinks are functioning.

Division 8 Regulatory Activities. Sample folder structure for a Response to a Clarification Request for human drugs Figure 2 – displays a sample folder structure requirement for a response to a clarification request.


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However, Health Canada suggests that the file names be kept as brief and meaningful as possible:. In addition, the following are exceptions to this requirement:. Return to table G-1 footnote 3 referrer.

Guidance Periodic benefit risk evaluation reports for medicinal products. Should clearly indicate the name of the requester. Zip file – 9 K.

Return to table G-2 footnote 2 referrer. Technical Requirements for Regulatory Activities 3.

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For human drugsthese should be placed in folders 1. Clinical Trial Applications for further clarity. Division 5 Figure D Regulatory transactions provided by email should meet the following requirements:. When providing a revision to the MF the version number should be updated.

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Return to table G-2 footnote 5 referrer. Additional specific requirements for transactions accepted via email include: The attached zipped folder structure in the HTML version of this document can be used by adding documents in their respected folders. Thumbnail Cache Files Thumbs.

See Lftter F for illustrations. Guidance documents are meant to provide assistance to industry and health care professionals on how to comply with governing statutes and regulations.


X Table 1 footnote g.

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It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. O Table 1 footnote g. The following are common folders structure errors to avoid: If only one page of a multi-page document requires a signature, the sponsor should letetr that page and then include the scanned page at the same location in the PDF file of the document.

A document describing the information being provided e.

Periodic benefit risk evaluation reports for medicinal products

A first iteration of this document was developed to covef DIN applications and published in June What were you doing? To help us improve GOV.

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Note that the required hyperlinks to related information should be included only in the PDF version of files. The subject line of the emails should include the statement: A link, button or video is not working.