The standard scenario is that a Scholar has one major and writes the thesis under the supervision of a thesis supervisor in that major. Area of Honors Major as Area of Honors The standard scenario is that a Scholar has one major and writes the thesis under the supervision of a thesis supervisor in that major. Scheduling regular meetings with your thesis supervisor – even if you’re working in same lab routinely – is the best way to do that. It is compiled by listing the headings in the thesis. A required change is one without which the supervisor won’t approve the thesis.

It’s a good idea to acknowledge folks who helped you with a major project. Pick one major and write a thesis for honors solely in that major Pick a topic that can legitimately earn honors in both majors Write multiple theses, one for honors in each major The first scenario is the most common, followed by the second depending on how closely related the majors are. This section may either precede or follow the appendices if any , or may appear at the end of each chapter. You may choose to include first-level headings, first- and second-levels, or all levels. Becker is also the author of the equally useful Tricks of the Trade:

When is the thesis proposal due? You are solely responsible if you violate copyright law; Penn State will not be held liable. Titles of appendices must be listed in the table of contents. If the use does not qualify as a fair use, you may not include the material without written databass of the copyright holder.

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The table of contents is essentially a topic outline of the thesis. An honors thesis manuscript should replicate the appearance of professional writing in your discipline. Excluding the title page and signatory page, every page in the document, including those with tables and figures, must be counted. schrryer

penn state schreyer thesis database

Honors Thesis A term paper can be spectacularly ambitious, lengthy, and well-done but its only goal is to demonstrate that the student has mastered the material. These parts of the thesis will vary in format depending on the style guide you are following.


Use the template provided at the top of this page as a pattern for creating your title page. Cite Appropriately It’s very likely that your thesis will quote from the works of others to some extent. The final proofreading and formatting of your thesis can’t be done in an hour or most likely even a day, so be sure pennn leave time in your timeline for those important tasks.

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Try to avoid typing a heading near the bottom of a page unless there is room for at least two lines of text following the heading.

However, if you want to thank particular colleagues, faculty, librarians, archivists, interviewees, and advisers, here’s the place to do it. This is a one-paragraph summary of the content of your thesis that identifies concisely the content of the thesis manuscript and important results xtate your project.

This section may either precede or follow the appendices if anyor may appear at the end of each chapter. Not schreuer book and article you look at will end up cited in your thesis, and not every day in the lab will be reflected in your results. If you were admitted to the Honors College after your first year or via the Liberal Arts Paterno Fellows program, you are expected to write your thesis for honors in your entrance major.

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An honors adviser from the area in which you are pursuing honors must read and approve your thesis. It identifies something of importance whose answer or best interpretation isn’t fully known or agreed-upon by people who make their careers in the field, and it proceeds towards the answer or best interpretation.

Follow the template provided at the top of this page. There are many reasons to plan to include the summer between junior and senior year in your research timeline: Be sure all faculty members are identified by their correct professional titles. There is a very strong presumption in favor of fair use when citing scholarly work, the purpose of which is after schteyer to be utilized in future scholarship; likewise, in scholarship about copyrighted works e.


Knowledge almost always moves incrementally and the individual units of knowledge production and dissemination theses, journal articles, books are only rarely revolutionary in isolation. In listing appendices, indicate the title of each appendix. Do not use such designations as “PhD” or “Dr. The table of contents must databasf immediately after the abstract and should not list the abstract, the table of contents itself, or the vita.

Typically, the area of honors suggested by the topic schreyyer with the professor’s affiliation, as when you seek honors in history based on a history thesis supervised by a professor of history. How far you can stray from that ideal depends on the nature of the thesis.

For additional information, visit Penn State’s Copyright Law website.

Ideally your thesis supervisor will be the single most appropriate person in the whole university, or at least at your whole campus, in terms of specialization and, where relevant, resources. Tables and figures must be referred to in daabase text by number, not by a phrase such as “the following table. Use lower case Roman numerals for the front matter and Arabic numbers for the text. Please follow the SHC thesis templates provided below:.

penn state schreyer thesis database

Since theses aren’t graded, you never know if you’re looking at something excellent or merely adequate.