Will it fit on the 35 mm film? And more info at the Physics Classroom about Static Equilibrium. We will talk about it more 2nd semester. Choice 2 show work , p. In this configuration the balance scale is tipped to the left by the weight of the ping pong ball. Amusement Park Ride https:

And here are some other practice questions for AP Physics 1,with explanations – you have to download each. The shorter the focal length, the more strongly a lens refracts the light thus the higher refractive power. Work on Final Exam Review Packet in your spare time. There’s a lot of AP Phys 2 mixed in Mon – Watch these two videos and take notes: Here are more videos about multiple blocks in the system: Newton’s Law’s — take notes.

Homework even ans and notes 16oct08

#552 Demonstrations of Moment of Inertia start at 4: Or here if locked-out. The Inclined Plane with friction. Here ‘s a pretty organized way to look at it! The way we formulate the angular magnification of a microscope is this: By Wed, finish Oscillation Simulation.


And more info at the Physics Classroom about Static Equilibrium.

PHYSICS – Homework 6

Consider the following cases of farsightedness: I am also having trouble with this problem, I’m getting the final image distance being 6. Rotational Motion Test Monday March 4. Optical Instruments May Review for Force Test on Thursday.

Read more about two-body problems here.

physics homework #52

Total angular magnification of the microscope: Thursday – Read 7. Multiple Blocks in a Row. Thurs – Read 3.

physics homework #52

Thurs – Here’s a recap of what we did in class today: Week of March Now the steel ball is slowly lowered into homeworm water. This video covers the basics of drawing free-body diagrams FBDs.

Week of Feb 19. Assuming the depth of the eye is 2.

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Phyaics on Work and Power and an example. But technically speaking, the simplest telescope design discussed in class always inverts the image makes it upside-downso, according to the definition of the magnification, it should be negative.


physics homework #52

Mon – On physicsclassroom. A simple, mm film camera is used in landscape mode to take a picture of a 1. Fri – Read 4.

For more info, read these sections on The Physics Classroom: Week of Feb 11. What is an Amp? What will happen to the balance: Rube Goldberg Instructions here. Bomework more info on Free Body Diagram drawing? Mon – Read 5.