Week of Feb 19 -. Center of Mass and Collisions. Nothing more than a simple convex lens, which magnifies by allowing to focus on an object that is closer than the near point of the eye. Thurs – Momentum Worksheet , p. Video Review of Rotational Motion with examples. In a microscope, that physical linear size is that of the first image. Click here to see what’s on the test.

Also, review the M- L -T units and the “double this quantity, what happens to another” worksheets we did together in class Monday. Final and AP Exam. You can add a copyright statement or legal disclaimer in this area if necessary. A negative image size means an inverted orientation. Intro to Series and Parallel Circuits. What will happen to the balance:

Do this virtual lab instead.

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The weight indicated by the spring scale begins to decrease as the steel ball is lowered into the water. Parallel and Series Circuits.

Help on wiki codes. A negative image size means an inverted orientation. If you took a ping pong ball the same size as the steel ball which is the same size of the left ping pong ball and with a stiff rod instead of a thread which was of the same weight and dimension of the thread and pushed the ball with the rod into the water on the right side of the balance scale.


physics homework #52

Assume the glasses are 2. A converging lens can correct this by increasing the overall refractive power, shortening the focal length to focus on the retina. Good websites for review: Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Homewodk – Momentum Worksheetp. Therefore we need to use a linear magnification not angular for the objective, to convert the actual object size to the physids image size.

Same guy, but scroll down to the Supercram Videos for condensed versions.

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Thread starter micromass Start date Aug 12, I’ve been tied up with work and unable to follow up on my original post. Assuming the depth of the eye is 2. Friday – More Angular Rotational Kinematics examples here. Week of March Moment of Inertia math.

Mon – Read rest of 4. And here’s the Supercram version.

To be able to use diopter units, convert all distances to SI: Car on Level Road https: More Vector Review homewofk the “Physics Classroom”. Below are some videos you can choose from in order to review the topics we’ve covered Chapters Table of Moments of Inertia.


Study for Angular Motion Quiz Monday 4 problems points – no centripetal problems, just angular. That seems simple, what is hard to understand is what was mentioned earlier in the thread. A diverging concave lens can correct this by reducing the overall refractive power, so that the image forms exactly on the retina.

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Week of March 4 – Mon – Read Mon – Read 3. Work on Moment of Inertia Simulation parts 1 and 2 only.

physics homework #52

There’s a lot of AP Phys 2 mixed in Also, here are links to a bunch of practice problems – pick some to try: I also got the wrong answer for calculating the homeeork number when the diameter is 2.