Example C What is the length of the twig to the nearest centimeter and to the nearest millimeter? A parallelogram with all sides the same length 4 in. How many peaches did Paige have to start? About how many more hours did Brigid work than Kevin? You can use a calculator to divide large numbers.

Estimation If a circle has a circumference of three feet, estimate its diameter to the nearest foot. Celia has 97 books. Solving Rational Equations Notes. The amount yet to be raised is the unknown. Draw a diagram to show what you know. A little less than ; 6 98 R5

Adding and Subtracting: Like Denominators

Graham drove about 1, mi. To decide where to place the first digit in the quotient, compare the first digit of the dividend with the divisor. Quarts are larger than xolving.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 11-8

The liter container looks about half full. Her sister is One set of data has already been completed. What fraction of the coins are dimes?


7-1 Adding and Subtracting: Like Denominators

Is the last digit 5 or 0? Topic 12 Name Reteaching Area of Squares and Rectangles You can use formulas to find the areas of rectangles and squares. Round the number of connected computers in Year 2 explin the nearest ten million. Greater than Topic 5 93 Reteaching Step 1: Make a table to try different numbers and see which pair fits the problem.

How many beads are there in all?

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

How long did the trip take? How do you know?

If the remainder is less than the divisor, write it in the quotient. Draw a Picture and Write an Equation 22 bricks in all 15 x Sample: What number will result if 1, is subtracted from 1,? Number Sense Is You can solve a problem like this by drawing a picture and writing an equation.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 11-8

Find a common multiple for 8 and 6. State your estimate in quarts. If not, show The number of clear balloons remaining after the party Plan and Solve Draw a picture of what you know.


What other step might be necessary before you can subtract? Continue adding hundreds, thousands and ten thousands. The GCF of 20 and 24 is 4. Estimate each sum or difference. Subtract the tenths and the ones. Add this document to collection s.

Then subtract the whole numbers. One value of x can be 4. Then solve for each actual product.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 11-8

You can model 18 as 18 ones. You explqin use a calculator to divide large numbers. The newspapers are in bundles. Tell whether each answer answers the right question.