Course content, assignments, meeting times and grade requirements are arranged with a psychology faculty member. Muzik Alayna Schreier – Sibling interactions: I formed a great relationship with my mentor and this experience will definitely help me as I continue research during medical school next year. Undergraduates Honors Program [X] close. Details are within the application. The online system will send a copy of your thesis and a link to the evaluation forms to your listed evaluators.

Changes in behavior from infancy and childhood throughout the lifespan. Psychology Honors Theses are evaluated by the honors mentor and two outside readers that are not affiliated with the project. Students presenting at multiple conferences are allowed to apply more than once, but must fill out separate applications for each conference. Investigating Mechanisms to Reduce Impatience Mentor: Senior Honors Research Sequence courses: Plan early – don’t wait until registration! Details are within the application.

Submit Site Search Search. A Person-Environmental Fit Analysis.

The thesis will be submitted through the form in the quick links below. Due Dates Completed honors theses are accepted three times a year: Identify 1 – 2 Readers who agree to review your thesis. Findings from the Health and Retirement Study. Transfer Credit Awards Honors Program. Psych will fulfill the upper-level writing requirement, as well as the methods-based or research-based laboratory requirement for both Psychology and BCN concentrators. Stephanie Preston and R.


Mindfulness in the Dynamic Work Environment Mentors: You may even be able to walk through thesiis with your class, but complete the actual degree later.

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Visit the Undergraduate Awards Page for a full listing of awards and deadlines offered through the Department. Can We Feel Challenge Vicariously?

Empathy and Aggression in First Person Shooters. Students must fulfill the public presentation requirement by the last umichh of the term they wish to graduate. Most students register for three or four terms of independent research. I formed a great relationship with my mentor and this experience will definitely help me as I continue research during medical school next year. thfsis

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Meet with your thesis mentor to agree on the project’s status and a new timeline. If you cannot meet it, you may postpone the date of graduation until the following term in order to allow the honors evaluation to be completed and included with your degree.

All applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Psychology Student Academic Affairs Committee.


psych honors thesis umich

All Honors students are required to present a poster at the Research Forum, as your work represents some of the best undergraduate research projects in our department! Thin-Slice Judgments of Teacher Personality.

psych honors thesis umich

As the next step, follow up on the faculty researchers you are interested in by looking at their recent research publications. Questions may be directed to psych. Keyword Search of psych 0″ v-on: Keyword Search of neurosci 0″ v-on: PSYCH Field Practicum in Research Techniques for Psychology credits This course offers an opportunity to apply academic knowledge within the context of a psychological research setting.

Submit Site Search Search. See the program director for more information on this option. As a first step, explore your interests in research.

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The Honors Committee may decide to table discussion and request the student to revise the thesis if it believes that a revised version might merit a higher rating. Alayna Schreier – Sibling interactions: Ann Arbor, MI neuroscience umich. Accelerated Master’s Degree Program. Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn.