Read Next Elena’s Blog: QMUniversity tweeted 15 hour s ago. The lecture points you in the right direction and gives you important starting points. Should I read it later? Drop-in If you are looking for some quick advice or guidance, you can drop in and see us in room

Check out your subject section in the library — familiarise yourself with range of texts, types, where information is stored —so you find things more easily for that future essay… Lecture slides: If interested, you need to plan to attend all six sessions on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Want to stay up to date? During an appointment the tutor will work with you to identify your specific needs and develop a plan of action. This makes them different from class teaching, which you may be used to at school or college, and where you might have been given important subject information that you then learn, and reproduce in an essay. Lectures at university may give you a broad introduction to a topic, and it is up to you to explore that topic in your own reading. T and submit their EC form as soon as circumstances occur.

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There is a supply of study guides, and if we are free, it is possible to have a short consultation with one of us. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, we assume you agree to this. The sessions are free, confidential and independent of the university. Now go and get ehlp assignment started! Maintaining friendships as an international student Popular Self-Service password reset available now This week’s menu in !

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You can search for a specific text, journal or if you have a textbook at hand give the barcode a scan with your phone and it will create a reference for you. We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website.


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It would be useful if you could send us by email any writing you want us to look at q,u advance. Re-working notesmaking a diagram, re-writing, re-ordering: If you drop in to the ELS and we are not there for any reason, or a workshop is running, do email us with your query and we shall get back to you. Effective Learning Service Email.

The layout is much better than using the mobile site and all course and lecture materials are easily accessible. Good planning will help you stay ahead of your studies and avoid last minutes panic.

QMUniversity tweeted 1 day s ago. Five steps to effective reading when you want to read in-depth Skim and scan – Scan text quickly to get an overall impression. Check out your subject section in the library — familiarise yourself with range of texts, types, where information is stored —so you find things more easily for that future essay… Lecture slides: QMUniversity tweeted 13 hour s ago.

To make an appointment with Doug on a Tuesday or Wednesday, E: These courses are designed to prepare non-native speakers of English for university study in Britain. He has a PhD in nuclear physics and a diploma in journalism, and is soon to qualify as a Consultant Fellow with the Royal Literary Fund. You may have a certain amount of guidance in some modules, particularly in your first year, but overall, the basic job of planning and carrying out jelp study tasks is left up to you.


Create yourself a study playlist and put those headphones in. Here are five apps and extensions that will have you starting that essay in no time: Be your own boss This approach works well for many people.

Click here for more information on RLF www. RLF Writing Fellows are eszay writers who offer individual appointments where students can discuss all aspects of their writing, such as structuring an argument, making the essay clearer and improving style.

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If you are unhappy with the way an exam or essay went or with the decision of the board of examiners on your progression, come and speak to the Help Zone helpzone qmu. Qku most useful tools of Ultidash are the site blocker and concentration timer.

If you are unable to come to any of these workshops, or are interested in a particular topic but can’t find a workshop on it, do contact us.

qmu essay help

Question – Make up questions to help engage: Proofreading and editing Wed 27 mar 1. Add in assignment deadlines, once you helpp them. The workshops below are small, informal, and aimed at undergraduate students. Reading and note-taking after a lecture is when you actually study the subject. Royal Literary Fund Fellowship.