Where documentation can assist your application, we will email you soon after you apply and ask you to complete an EAS cover sheet and submit supporting documents. Getting an estimate beforehand though can help you decide which courses to apply for. Documentation tips Follow the tips below so the assessment process goes smoothly for your application: Certificate of Enlistment is not sufficient. Web Content Management by Elcom. Offers are issued and acceptances are recorded by CAO.

Applications Apply here Entry requirements Application resources Check and change Technical requirements. List the semester 2 courses above your semester 1 offered course. Check fee type when choosing your preferences. Apply for semester 1 and, if allowed, defer your offer ie start studying later, or List semester 2 preferences only. Education and experience Check we have the correct details for your Year 12 studies and other qualifications that should be in your QCAA learning account. Like us and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with QTAC news.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Please provide one of the following: Find out about personal circumstances under the Financial Hardship category.

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Employment experience Your employment experience must be substantiated by covrr of statements from your employers. If you are eligible for EAS, you may get bonus OPs or bonus ranks that can letted you more competitive for the courses you apply for. If you cannot provide the documentation, you should submit a statement explaining why you cannot provide it.


Visit Key dates and fees for documentation due dates. We ensure leter admission rules are used correctly in your application. Certificate of Enlistment is not sufficient.

If the document you need to provide isn’t listed in Outstanding Documents, you can post your documents to:. Personal Illness or Disability You can apply for this category if you have experienced: Getting an estimate beforehand though can help you decide which courses to apply for.

Find approximate costs in Course Search. Civil aviation, commercial pilot’s licence Licence certificate. Select the Apply Now button. Attach the relevant cover sheet to each document.

Semester 2 courses often have higher cut-offs ie are more difficult to get into. Domestic Year 12 coover. My details Enter your personal details, and request EAS if required.

Letfer you need to post your documents to us, submit photocopies only. Where academic transcripts are referred to below, the official academic transcript is required. Prepayment Voucher your school or institution may arrange.

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Auth tqac social network: Resubmit documents you provided to us in previous years, because we do not keep them. Normally, in these cases, your school should make arrangements to help you.


Payment must be received before we will start to process your application. Fees vary between providers.

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Arrange, where necessary, for your education provider to send your official results directly to us eg some providers in the United States of America.

Groupings and Ranking 2. If you are eligible for the Financial Hardship EAS category, you may also get financial assistance such as institution scholarships.

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Home Applying Apply here Documentation. You cannot change your preferences after the final date to change preferences for an offer round, for example. Hints and tips When to start planning Choosing the right course and institution Study costs How to apply Eltter support Living away from home Thinking of applying yourself?

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Account Applicant log in. This has to happen where there are more applicants than places in a course. Phone us on for more information. Atac, where necessary, for your education provider to release your official results to us eg International Baccalaureate Organisation.