Unsurprisingly, the book is almost as long as R02, despite being worth only half the credits, and also includes formulae and calculations. I still managed to pass this exam on my first attempt by learning the formulae and, as in R01, learning the facts by rote. This is a generic demo based on IF5. It is strongly recommended that you: The general rule is that the new tax year and changes arising from the Finance Act will be examined from 1 September each year.

Due to content formatting, the tutorial is best viewed on a tablet or larger screen size. After the full-on R02 and R03 experiences, this module seemed much easier, and the textbook was an interesting read, too. I felt I was on the final straight. This module is to develop knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, including regulation, legislation and the Code of Ethics. R05 — Protection I felt I was on the final straight.

Qualifications Learning content hub Knowledge Services. The exam is limited to 4 sittings a year but if I wanted to avoid travelling out of York where I live there are only 2 sittings a year: The consensus online stud this is the hardest exam of the R0s but I found the subject matter interesting so perhaps my enthusiasm for the content made studying easier and got me over the line.

Another 10 credit module, this exam tests knowledge and understanding of and ability to analyse pension and retirement planning issues. It is important that you keep yourself informed of any changes which may occur affecting the units you are studying by using material suggested in the reading otcober on the syllabuses in the relevant qualification section of this website.


This is the exam that took me off course for 20013 the Diploma within a year, which was my original time-scale.

Add to basket Remove. In my case I was reading, learning, and revising this content for 6 months, and paid for tutoring when I needed specific answers.

Think about what additional information you might need to provide financial advice, and think back to all the different areas of financial planning topics from the previous exams. I used Brand Financial Training and was very happy with the output. Financial services current editions. What makes it easier is there tsudy no multi-response questions, unlike modules RR04, which each have a difficult set of multi-response questions towards the end.

Financial planning practice

Non-EU candidates should note: Information Learn interactive tutorial. Select a time zone Information. Sit your exam from home with remote invigilation. After passing R04 in the summer ofand an entry-level role in a financial planning business, my new employer wanted me to concentrate on settling into my new role rather than exams. Update your study text to the next edition Digital only.

Information Unit R06 exam.

r06 case study october 2013

For more information on Digital-only options, please visit: Candidates will be examined on the basis of law and practice in England unless otherwise stated. Writing in quick bullet points is the only way to get as many marks as possible in this exam, which despite being 3 hours, is tight for time.

Give yourself a little more time to prepare compared with R This module is deceptively difficult. Please select an option from all drop down menus. About us What we do Governance Ocgober standards Initiatives. On reflection I went in for the resit too soon, without giving myself time to review the module content again to fix the holes in my understanding.


Financial planning practice

The first 5 R0 exams are computer based, selecting answers on a screen with your mouse. The general rule is that the new tax year and changes arising from the Finance Act will be examined from 1 September each ocfober. To follow his progress just put your name and email in the boxes below and join the Financial Planning Academy. It is strongly recommended that you: Online tested exams are scheduled year-round with dates released up to four months in advance.

r06 case study october 2013

Candidates must keep up to date with legislative and industry changes that occur within the tax year. Included in your Enrolment: The reading experience studg depend on the portable device used or the reading software installed, if viewed on a computer.

April soon came around and I felt ready, having learnt that exam technique is important as well as knowledge to get the all important pass. This product will be added to your RevisionMate account within 2 working days of purchasing.